Dexcom sensor location

Hi Everybody,
Does anyone have a info sheet on where the best places are for dexcom sensors. Thanks in advance.

I want to know too!

It's very personal. A matter of trial and errors. For me stomach works best, and I can run one sensor for 2-3 weeks at the time. I use arms occasionally, but I prefer covered area as by the end of 3 weeks It does not look pretty:-)
I know guys who like arms most.
For small, slim kids buttocks work great, same for pump site.
I have seen sensor on the legs, but I never tried.
If sensor is on the arm, wearing arm band , for example NIKE's, for swimming and more vigorous activities helps to keep it safe in place.

My Dexcom trainer started me using my arm on my first visit, That ended by seconded week I'm very thin and when sleeping I would roll over and the needle would rub bone, unpleasant. She then taught me how to inject my stomach and can go at least 2 weeks on one senor. There is a cream your doctor can give you to help numb the site-Lidicaine-Prilocaine cream. The stomach does offer privacy.

I like to use the inside upper thigh of my legs. I have also used my stomach but since I use a pump and it is there I don't use that site much.

I wear it on my upper arm, behind the bone. When I insert it, I point the inserter slightly upwards so it doesn't go in deeper than it needs to be.

I started using my abdomen. A couple months ago I started using the back of my upper arms. I have better results there. I could usually only get 10-11 days on my abdomen. I easily get two weeks plus on my arms. And because I use a pump, I like to keep my abdomen for infusion sets. I haven’t tried my thighs. I remember I had more pain there when I was doing injections. We are all different so just experiment. You will,find what works best for you.

We rotate Dexcom sensor sites, from outer thighs, to tummy, to arms. We always seem to get the best readings when the Dexcom sensor is on my daughter's arms. But YDMV.