Dexcom Users: Wearing sensor on arm?

I am interested to know if anybody is wearing the Dexcom sensor any place other then on the abdomen? I have read where other people are wearing the sensor (not sure if it is Dexcom or not) on the backside of the upper arm. Seems like that would be a convenient place…just wondering if any Dexcom users are doing this and if so, what have the results been?

Abdomen sucks for me, I always use upper butt cheek or love handle (right under the armpit, below ribs-- about an inch or two above the belt line.) I never got more than 4 days from Abdomen sites, The Sensor I’m using right now is on Day 21.

I suspect that the back-of-upper-arm site would be very successful. There’s a lot of MM users, oldsters and children, who get fine results there. I just find love handles to be even MORE convenient.

I am curious about his upper arm as well. I just got the DexCom two weeks ago and decieded to start on the abdomen. I was told you can put it anywhere you can put an infusion set. I used to wear the Minimed sensors and my favorite black was the lower back area. It just seemed to stick best there and be out of the way. I am just waiting till I get the hang of putting the DexCom sensor in before I try a locaiton that is hard to reach. I have heard that people use their thighs as well.