Dexcom sensor

I inserted a new sensor yesterday. Through the night it woke me up with double arrows(rising) at 12.1 mmol. When I tested it was only 8.8mmol. This morning I had 17 carbs and I went up to 12.3mmol. My sensor said 15.6. I am wondering if I should call dexcom to replace it? Right now I feel like my diabetes is not as controlled as it was before. The only thing I can chalk it up to is menopause.I am not having any hot flashes or anything.

Which Dexcom is this?

With only a couple readings it is difficult to say if there is an overall accuracy issue or if this more related to cgm lag or hitting the peaks of the curve or anything like that.

Have you done any calibrations? (Not to indicate you should or should not - simply a question.)

There is potentially a lot to look at and is perhaps not a trivial question to answer.

I never see a downside to calling Dexcom Technical Support and talking things over with them.

Yes, I calibrated 6 hours after the first 2 drops and once this morning. It was inaccurate through the night. I usually call dexcom to replace the sensor. I have had 1 like that before.

My experience with G5 and now G6 is that the first 24 hrs after new sensor insertion, readings are wonky. I typically don’t rely on sensor readings in the first 24 hours, instead finger-sticking.
They usually settle down after 24 hrs and some (but not too much!) calibration.

@Dee_Meloche - You and I have both been posting about erratic numbers - keep checking via manual machine. I have never had bad sensors before. But, low and behold - that’s what I got. Finally figured it out today. Took me WAY longer than it should have. But, I simply never suspected. It is such a reliable piece of equipment.

You think its bad sensors associated with shipping during the cold weather or you think there’s a manufacturing error? You mind sending your Lot number? You can check and see if its the same as mine (in case there was a bad lot of sensors manufactured.)

Mine are Dexcom G5 Mobile/G4 Platinum Sensors
REF# 9500-27, LOT # 7245457
Exp DATE 2019-10-18

I also started a new sensor yesterday and I hd wild and crazy numbers for more than 12 hours, but now, after 24 hours, the numbers are very close to my fingerstick numbers. It has always been this way for me on the first day with a new sensor.

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That is the thing.

YOU know what is normal for YOU.

So after you have gone through 1 or 2 or 300 sensors, you get a feel for what is normal and what is not.

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I called dexcom and told them about my erratic readings and they are sending me a replacement. Sometimes it goes into muscle. The sensors cost too much too not to call them if they don’t work properly.



I occasionally get a G6 sensor like this as well. If it’s asking for repeat calibrations, I ignore it and leave it alone and find that it settles down. The other thing is to time it during a 4 hour period where your BG isn’t in flux as it has a harder time calibrating.