Dexcom Seven Plus, (Dexcom 7+), a god-sent device

I have been on Dexcom Seven Plus since early March 2009, and then I found out that it was
just released in Feb 2009.

Its accuracy amazes me.

Dexcom 7+'s readings could be just 1 or 2 points from my real meter readings for days.
I’m now going through my 5th sensor. It has constantly and
accurately alarmed me of lows of 70, which is set by me, and same with hyper.

I can’t even believe it after going through MM’s CGM and MM’s wild readings from
meter’s. MM CGM simply does not work.

Also Dexcom’s sensor needle size is so tiny that you
can feel nothing during insertion and the rest 10-14 days in secure snug place.
You can calibrate Dexcom anytime you want. Yes.

Dexcom has been FDA approved for 7 days. I often use it longer than a week.
During the first day, Dexcom seems to get to know your body glucose level, after that,
it knows you so intimately that it offers very accurate readings. So I tend to use up
the same old one longer. The insertion or the site never bothers you. I do have one sensor
that gave up early at 5th day of use.

Dexcom 7+ has improved accuracy, longer life, more flexible alarms, and improved software features. I haven’t used any of older versions of Dexcom, which I heard had lots of issues
with other CGMs in terms of accuracy. I had thought every CGMs was a dumb.
But not this Dexcom 7+ !!!

Dexcom gives you 30 days to try with a full refund.


That’s great. I’d LOVE to use the Dexcom system but I don’t have insurance coverage and the sensors are much more expensive than mm. I usually get 7 days our of my mm sensors and they’re $35 each, I’d be paying nearly double for dexcom sensors.

I am considering doing the 30 day trial just to see the difference though. The money back guarantee only goes for the transmitter and receiver right? Or do they refund you for the purchased sensors too?

Hi !
How are prices if you compare them? I mean between MM, Dexcom and Abbott? I live in country where we currenly have only MM ones, but I hope that market will open soon so I am considering alternatives… I am also in process of choosing new pump, so I am trying to decide… MM one has obviously MM support, and Dana has (or so I heard) support for Dexcom, at least some kind of support… As for Accu-chek, Spirt has no CGMS support and I don’t know about Combo (new one)…


After trying to make my way through all the marketing glitz at the DexCom website it’s still not clear to me what the device does. Specifically, it looks like a wireless meter and not also a pump like the MM system. Is this true? Also, Joanie’s comment about cost is also a concern for me. Although I do have medical insurance coverage for my MM CGM, I also have a deductable to pay. Anyway, what I think is the DexCom device is a BG meter that talks to some sensor and collects glucose data. I assume the DexCom device needs to be worn by the person using it. In my case that means I’m wearing the DexCom system along with my MM pump!? Do I have this right? Thanks…

Yes. CGMS is separate system from pump. In worse case scenario, you would have Pump and CGMS receiver device.

Minimed had system called Guardian. This device looked like a pump (same size, same look…), but with 722 (522) they decided to integrate this into Pump. Dexcom has made contracts with several (OmniPod, Animas) Pump companies to integrate it’s system into their pump. So when this integration will be done, you will have pump able to read data directly from sensor, but before that you need to have separate receiver device (which shows status and graphs, etc).


I am convinced! Just have to figure out a way for my niece to wear/carry it without losing it. Question: After the 7 days are up and you want to continue to wear Dex, what are the steps you must go through to recalibrate, reuse it? With Minimed you have to restart after three days (a pain, unless she is hanging around the house at the time you need to restart), then after six days, take off sensor, recharge, put it back on… C A R E F U L L Y…, restart. How do you restart Dexcom after the 7 day period has elapsed?

make sure your niece always buy clothes with pockets. Or you can get a wait-belt or some other attached
mechanism, so it is hidden better but secured.

After the sensor stops, just “restart the sensor” the same way you start a new sensor, both of which
takes 2 hours before the first calibration.

It is very easy. The best feature of Dexcom, is that you can calibre any time, and it is so accurate!


I wear a MM pump, and use Dexcom Seven Plus. It works wonder to me.

But you need to get the Dexcom Seven Plus, which was released in Feb, 2009.
It improves a lot than previous Dexcom’s: accuracy, performance, easy-interface, low alarms vibrating
or/and beeping that actually gets your attention. It is amazingly accurate since I have used it
early March.

Diane I am about to go with MM paradigm (currently using and old COZMO). However I am thinking about going with another pump company because of their dexcom upcoming merge. Animas and Omnipod. I currently am on my 2nd demo sensor through MM and I have determined two things. One, they are painful to put on and they hurt when I play sports. And two I love the every five minutes. Its a love hate. The other thing that intrigues me with your post is the small needle with dexcom because after three days with the MM my body says get it out. It starts hurting and itching and I hate it. The only reason I would go with MM is because the sensors are only 35 dollars a piece. However is it really true that your cite is never bothered. It doesn’t itch or hurt? And how do you keep it from falling off when you take hot showers and exercise? My quickset wouldn’t even last seven days.I have a love had relationship with the Paradigm sensors. One they hurt and are irretating but two I love knowing what my blood sugar is every five minutes and they are about 95% accurate so far. Also I just looked at the size of the needle of the dexcom seven + and the needle looks the same size as MM. Please Help…

Dexcom comes with the VERY SECURE tape with the sensor and goes in during insertion.
So no more tape is needed.

I’ve played a lot of tennis. The size never bothers me even after shower. As I’ve said, you feel nothing.
It’s a godsend. Using a waist-belt to carry around for my tennis and basketball, it is very convenient.

I had struggled with MM CGMs since I have been on MM pump for years. It bleeds hard. IT is never
accurate! There are plenty complaints if you look around. I wonder how Navigator is doing;
I was told Navigator is very accurate, too.

But only Dexcom Seven Plus, the latest release in Feb 2009 that are very accurate.

Navigator and Dexcom has
some patent fight over each other. so they may have the same technology but heard Navigator has
bigger sensor size.

Dexcom gives you full refund for the 30 day use. Or go to your endo to try out, which I had done, and
3 days later I order my own Dexocm!
Just go try it. (Do not waste time in MM. MM might be cheap, but it simply DOES NOT WORK at all.)

Good luck, and let know.


You are correct, if you are charging the unit then your range drops. I had mine plugged in and set on the back of my chair last night and it was less than 5 feet from my sensor to the transmitter and it lost the readings. I just moved to my PC desk and had it on the desk next to me so I would be closer. It was a great excuse to go play on the internet anyways!

I was back to fully charged in less than 2 hours so this was awesome! I just started this last Thursday and I really like it. It is doing a great job of catching my lows as I have hypo unawareness.

Ahem, Diane–
I’m with you, Dex 7+ works WAY better for me than MM. But you shouldn’t declare that it simply “DOES NOT WORK AT ALL”, because there’s lots of people for whom it works great. And I know of a few people for whom Dexcom worked badly, and Minimed worked great!

The big difference is: you get to try Dexcom for 30 days and get most of your money back. With MM, you bought it, it’s yours… even if it turns out to be of no use at all.

does the dexcom system come with the clip to attach it to your pocket/purse/other? I have seen a case that has a clear cover that has a clip…is this an additional accessory that needs to be purchased separately?

Thank you

No clip, you have to use a case with a clip on it. The one they send is bulky and kind of ugly but you can buy the sporty model with the clear cover on the dexcom site. It appears to be less bulky but I haven’t seen it in person yet. I have been looking everywhere online for a better case with a clip that is fancy like a pump case but I have not found a good one yet.

The new one, which comes in the seven+ kit, has a much simpler clip-- a single strip of spring steel, much thinner than the old pastlic-mounted alligator clip. Much easier to put on. It also holds really well. (The “sporty models” look identical, but in different colors.) It does NOT have a clear cover-- what you’re seeing is the Dexcom Receivers own plastic protective film over the screen. And the buttons aren’t protected at all, it doesn’t help the waterproofing. But it fits just about any belt perfectly.

I never used the old one. I DO use this one, from time to time.

Been using the Seven Plus for a week now. Seems to be O.K. I see some wide variations between the Dex and my meter. It reads great if BG is stable, but if rising or falling to rapidly not very well…

This is great information. I am very excited to get one of these soon. I just starting the paperwork process.

Ok, new question regarding the 7+

Are you able to use the transmitter/sensor in the back of the arms, or just the abdomen? The website says it is currently FDA-approved for the abdomen. I have used the Freestyle Navigator in the arms and thought it was painless, easy, and a great way to free up space for a pump site. What about the Dexcom? After watching the instructional vid on their website I am not sure how I could ever insert the sensor in my arm using only the opposite hand, though. It looks as complicated as cross-stitch or knitting or something - wow.

So how is the Navigator accuracy?
and how big is the insertion needle. It is supposed a lot bigger than Dexcom’s.
Dexcom insertion is non-event. After wearing 3 weeks, it is perfectly feeling nothing.
Dexcom insertion site is very secure with its own sticker thing and no taping is needed.
It is very very easy to install, but you may need to two hands to install the sensor.

Why do you think about using Dexcom while using Navigator? How long have you been experiencing Navigator?


The Navigator accuracy is fantastic - no complaints after about 1 year. A negative about the Navigator is the size of the transmitter, which is about the size of a Hot Wheels car. (Yes, I have a 3-yo boy and can’t think of a better comparison.) Also, the 10-hour waiting period after starting a new sensor site before it begins reading is way too long.
But inserting the site itself is pretty easy, relative to what the Dexcom procedure looks like. For the Navigator I simply push a button.
So why did I choose the Navigator over another CGM, given all the shortcomings? Long story, but I was in a JDRF study and was assigned the Navigator. The study let me keep the Navigator afterward, so I have been with them ever since.