U.S. FDA Approves the Dexcom G4(TM) PLATINUM Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM)


How will the upgrade be accomplished?

My understanding is that there will be no upgrade.


Awesome. Thanks for posting!


So how does this work if we want to switch? We contact insurance for approval first? Or Dexcom? Or is this a different process for everyone . . .

ok I just called Dexcom. I'm not due for upgrade until December. I was told I could pay $399 to upgrade now. They said the units should begin shipping in late October.

Yea! I'm due for a new unit in November or December

This is awesome....I just sent my paperwork in this AM. The new receiver looks great and the distance is up to 25 feet for continuous readings. Sensor is slightly larger for increased distance on receiver but only in width. The new software platform looks much improved also.The biggest feature is the increased accuracy in terms of hypoglycemia. Will ship in late October so get your paperwork in now if you are eligible for a new unit. This sensor rocks!

Based on this posting I clicked over to email and sent a note of congrats to my Dexcom rep. I started on the 7+ last October, which she noted in her reply, and also told me she has started the process for me to get the first one out the door! Wow. That’s some service right there.


I just looked at the videos and they look good! So I decided that money is there to be spent, not buried with me in my coffin, so I ordered one, even though I've just had the 7+ for less than 2 months. And I can easily wait until December, no problem. So let's see how we like it! :-)

Hi everyone,
I just got off the phone with Dexcom and the person I spoke with couldn't have been nicer, or more helpful! The way it works is that if your current Dex is out of warranty (1 year) - then you are eligible for an upgrade. Depending on what your insurance covers, will determine how much you pay. I was told that they are hoping to ship the first ones out on October 29th! Since my Seven plus is out of warranty, I am eligible!!!! I am (just a little excited).

Why are some being told they'll ship in October and some in December? Obviously, I was one who was told they will ship in December. :) I just got my dex Sep 19.

And did you notice the transmitter is only good for 6 months? Is that how it is now? I'm trying to find out how much a transmitter only costs as I have a large insurance percentage....

So my little heart rejoiced when I saw the news that the G4 Platinum is available - but *yargh* only 2 WEEKS after I ordered mine!?!?! So I posed the question to Dexcom of "how long do I have to wait to upgrade?" Since I ordered mine in September I am eligible for the free upgrade :)

Regardless, I am pretty sure that I would've paid any charge to upgrade because of the increased range (20 feet vs the 5ft that it is now) and the increased accuracy - I think it'll be awesome.

Of course, I think I am a pretty easy sell as I am completely sold on the Dex7+. This is after using it for a whole week ;)

Where did you get the transmitter info?

> the 5ft that it is now

I think this number is somewhat 'flexible' in that I have gotten good readings when I am wandering around my living room/kitchen wiht it sitting on the countertop, up to 15 feet or more away from it.

That said, the new one is also bound to be much better.


It's in the full blown user manual but if you look on the left hand side of the quick start guide you'll see it too.


I spoke with dexcom - yes, the receiver and transmitter are now sold separately ($599 each if you pay cash) and it's expected you will upgrade the transmitter more often. They split them out in order to be able to transmit to integrated pumps next year.

And anyone with the 30 days should get a free upgrade, shipping around Dec 5. After 30 days it's $399. New systems will ship in 10 days, existing users in December. (I got an answer to my question).

I think it has to do with whether or not your current Dex is still under warranty or not. When it is out of warranty, it is easier to process an upgrade with the insurance companies. I am not sure why, if it is true, one who is paying out of pocket can't get it in October. Hopefully, this new version will be even better than the Seven Plus!

Dexcom will honor the 30 day return policy. You should be able to switch to Gen4 for free.

I am a newbie to pump and CGM (do not own either). My endo today became very excited and encouraged me to start immediately with the new Dexcom G4 platinum. I read this board and it is not available yet, apparently. Should I wait until it is available, and then purchase it. Or should I purchase the prior model and then take advantage of the upgrade?