Dexcom transmitter difficulties

I have removed my t:slim from it’s hard plastic case because of difficulties with the ON button being extremely hard to push down, (a serious design flaw.) So, I have had to put my pump in my pocket, or when I’m sleeping just let it hang free in the bed. Because I some time roll over on it when I’m sleeping, or when put it in my pocket, the Dexcom transmitter can’t reach the pump to send the blood glucose reading. I know the transmitter has a range of about 20 feet but apparently can’t reach my pump when it’s in my pocket or or doesn’t when I rollover on it. This makes sense to me, the bluetooth can’t penetrate the human body, but why does it get interrupted when its in my pocket, a vertical range of about 1 ft.
Has anyone else had this problems? Is there any solution to these situatons? Any alternative ways of attaching it to my body?
Thank in advance,

Check out the SPIBelt. It is easy to keep the pump very close to the Dexcom so they will work well together.
If you stretch the fabric of the belt, you can easily see and do everything on the pump without taking it out of the belt.

Try this:

The adhesive is SUPER strong. I’ve been using these clips for a year. clean the surface with alcohol, press on the “button” and you are good to go.

I wear my MM pump on the right side of my waist and the Dexcom receiver on the left, which is were I always install a G5 sensor. Having the receiver clipped to my waistband makes for fast/easy access to the screen (I have the non-touchscreen version).

Hi Robert22,

I was very frustrated by the difficulty pressing the T button also. Very hard to push. My solution was to use a very sharp exacto knife to cut out the oval shape on the case. This allows me to easily press the button to wake the pump and still have a case with a clip.

@robert22 I have had similar problems, and generally they self correct when a new transmitter is installed. The last time this happened to me, I called Tandem and they just replace the transmitter as a warranty

I heard a Tandem employee in an interview speak to this issue. They said that in the t:slim the Bluetooth signal actually travel through the face of the pump, the screen. So, if you have the screen against your body then it may lose a Dexcom signal.

So, if its in your pocket, try to face the screen out. And for sleeping, I often place the t:slim under my pillow with the tube going up your side behind your arm, out of the way.

Hope that helps.


Yes folks, it’s got to be the Tandem. I have bluetooth drop outs from the transmitter to my pump when I sleep. I hate wearing the case or even using the case. When I’m driving, and its in my pocket, less than a foot away, I often have a dropped signal for 20 min. or longer. I will try to see if it works to make sure its facing out and let you know on this thread. But it seems to me that its a design flaw, I know the case design is flawed, both the bluetooth and the case should be easer to use, and more industrial tech. savvy. I called Tandem and they made a note in my file that I was having this difficulty, that’s all they could do for me.

That’s extremely useful info. I found this out the hard way through trial and error. Definitely a great tip for people. My guess is that this will also help battery life because it isn’t broadcasting the BT signal out to reconnect to the Dexcom transmitter.

I use an Android phone and I share my data with my wife’s iPhone via the app, so I tend to rely on that much more. It stays connected to the Dexcom with no issues from 25 ft away and is loud enough where if there is an urgent low, it screams and my wife’s phone also goes off.

Thanks Anthony!

I use a Tandem leather case and just hook it to my waist band of my pajamas. They sell them on the Tandem website. I do have to take the pump out to do a bolus but I do like the case and gives the pump some protection. Just a thought.

I have taken your advice keeping the screen facing out when its in my pocket and I haven’t had any problems with the transmitter communicating with the pump. Thanks for contributing that information. I am still experiencing interruptions when I sleep because the pump is loose in the bed and I roll on top of it, when it is attached to my waist I still roll on top of it but I just don’t know if there is going to be a solution to that unless I learn to sleep on my back! But I am going to try AZKev suggestion to use the app on my iPhone, Thanks AZKev.