Tandem X2 not communicating with DexcomG6

Anyone else having issues with their Tandem X2 communicating with their Dexcom G6? When I use the Dexcom receiver, it communicates fine with the transmitter up to 15 yards away. When I switch the receiving the Tandem pump if often shows a lost communication from 1 foot away. All batteries are fully charged.

This might be a stupid question, but have you updated your pump with the Basal IQ update? If not, it will only communicate with the Dexcom G5.

The X2 pump seems to have a very low power bluetooth setup.
My phone will get great reception with Dexcom, but the X2 pump is very week.
I try to keep mine within a few inches and I have great luck with it.

Not a dumb question. Yes it is updated, and works perfectly most of the time. A couple of times a day; however, it looses its connection to the transmitter. I keep the pump in my pocket 15" from the pump. Not problems on the days the infusion site is on the same side of my body as the transmitter (Pump in pocket on the same side as the infusion site). When they are on the same side the distance is reduced to around 8"

You really need to keep the pump and transmitter on the same side. I would have issues with it on the other side of my abdomen, and I am not fat, so there isn’t much, if any, body tissue in the way.

I saw on another thread either here or TUD, that a X2 user was informed by Tandem CS tech that the BT transmits through the screen portion of the pump. Once I read it, it made sense to me, as the only time I have G5/Tandem dropouts is when the screen faces my body and the transmitter is on the opposite side… Not scientific evidence, but seems plausible in my feeble mind

For better or worse you do have to have the pump on the same side of your body as the transmitter to have reliable reception. I heard something on a podcast interview with a Dexcom executive saying that the G6 Bluetooth was more robust than G5. I guess from your experience that it is still not robust enough.

I am still with G5 and wear my sensors on the back of my arms. The weeks that it is on my right arm, my pump lives in my right pocket or on the right side of my waistband. And then other weeks everything is on the left. the only time I lose signal is if I am in an armchair and the back of my arm is flat against the cushion. That is the only situation where I might also lost signal on my phone.

Thanks for the help/info. A couple of follow up comments. Laddie - I have to put this one on Tandem being to problem, not Dexcom. The connection works flawlessly up to 30 feet on both the Dexcom receiver and my iPhone. The Tandem receiver seems to be the weak link, and somebody give El_Ver a sugarfree box of chocolates, I think you may have found the “Not scientific” solution. No connection drops if the screen is turned out. that’s the good news. Bad news - By habit I always turn the screen against my leg trying to better protect the pump from the bumps and scrapes I seem to put my pumps through.

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I had tandem replace my first X2 pump because I was dropping signal too often. The replacement isn’t TOO much better. Just learned to live with it.

yes, this is an issue and they know about it, you just have to reset your pump sometimes. You can wear the sensor on one side and the pump on the other side, does not make a difference like many people are saying it does. I haven’t noticed a difference but they tell me to keep the screen pointed out, away from your body as the receiver is in the screen. The problem is definitely the tandem pump, especially if your phone is still getting a signal. Just reset that sensor and instead of a 3 hr warmup, it will be a 5 or 10 min warmup and it will start working.

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