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I am switching from my medtronic 530G with enlite sensors to the new T slim and G6. I haven’t started with the pump, but I have started the G6. So far it has been great, very accurate and the app with the notifications is better than I anticipated. The only issue I have had so far is the bluetooth signal is always getting dropped from my phone. Is this a common issue with the G6 or is there something wrong. I put the sensor in my left arm and had my phone in my left pocket, the phone is only about a foot away from the sensor and would still lose signal. Just curious if I need to try and get this fixed or is this something I will just have to deal with? Also, if it is losing signal with my phone will it do the same with the pump when I start running Basal IQ?

I do find sometimes if the sensor is on one side of my body and my phone is on the other, it might have a problem finding the sensor. Same holds true for the pump. So I just try and put everything on the same side. I find it also makes it easier when sleeping when I have everything on the same side.
I will again say, how much I love this system and how happy I am with how little work I have to do on a day in and day out basis. And with the system shutting off, I find I don’t have to treat lows as much which means less carbs which means losing some weight!

This is common. It will affect system automation (predictive abilities and automatic dosing) in a pump. This being said, I think that your still better off with the t:slim.

That isn’t normal, at all. I have my phone in my right pants pocket and my sensors are near my left hip. Also, it works with my phone on the nightstand while sleeping, it works when I’m in the shower and the phone is on the counter outside of the shower are. don’t blame the Dexcom though–it may be a fault of the phone.

I am with @Dave44 here, this isn’t normal to lose connection with the phone.
The X2 pump has a weaker bluetooth that most phones, so it will have more issues.
I keep my X2 usually within 6" of the G6 and do not have issues.

Issues with the phone though are not as common.
This might be an issue with the phone itself, or you might have other bluetooth interference issues.

I also suggest installing xdrip+ if you have an android phone, it is a far superior app compared to the dexcom app.

I am still using an iPhone 7 plus. I do have multiple devices paired to the phone I don’t know if maybe that would interfere with it. I use a fitbit versa 2, my truck, headphones when I work out, and now the G6. With the G6 at most I’m using at the same time is 3 devices, maybe that is too many.

Once in a while I will have it lose connection when the phone is in my pocket. I would say this happens 1,2 times per-month and normally fixes it self. At least with the iPhone I just turn off bluetooth and turn it back on and its fine on the next update.

I am a G5, t:slim, and IPhone user. I usually wear G5 sensor on my belly, pump on my belt (not necessarily on the same side as the sensor) and phone in my back pocket. While I rarely lose signal to either phone or pump, I will consistently lose signal if my arm is across my stomach. In that case, the sensor is “enclosed” by me … my belly underneath and my arm on top. In general, electromagnetic waves (WiFi, Bluetooth, cell phone, etc) do not transmit well through water … and we are predominantly water.

I don’t know much about the nature of the sending antenna in the sensor, but it is likely omnidirectional (that is, transmits signal strength equally in all directions). That is both good, because the signal always has a chance of finding your phone and pump, and bad because the signal strength falls off as the cube of the distance between your sensor and phone/pump.

I expect that you will quickly learn what causes signal loss and be able to avoid frequent signal loss.

Good luck with your G6 and t:slim. I think you made a good choice and hope that this combination performs well for you.


Some people really seem to have an issue with signal loss and I think there are several theories about why. But I hardly ever lose the signal except for when my sensor is starting to go on day 25 type thing. I think maybe I noticed some loss when my transmitter was past it’s time too.

But mine stays in touch with my iphone 8 even when it’s pushing 20 feet away. I’ll have it in the living room and I’ll be in the kitchen and hear it chirp some signal for me, same with a shower and it being by my nightstand. I rarely ever lose a signal.

I have an android phone, but my phone will get readings from the G6 in the other room, often from upstairs, etc.

I’ve read lots of complaints online from iPhone users. I think if you had Android phones you wouldn’t be having this problem. Our household has two Dexcom users, we use Android and no problems other than at far-apart random times, which happens to signals to the receiver as well (concurrently).

I switched from the Medtronic 530g to the T-Slim in August You will love the T-Slim with the Dexcom CGM. Like you, I have problems with my phone dropping the Dexcom. However, this doesn’t bother me due to the fact that the readings are very reliable on the pump. Last week, I visited my doctor and the area T-Slim director. She did say that if I wore my sensor on my right arm, the pump needed to be attached on the right side. A reason was given for the reason (don’t remember) that made sense.

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I just started with the T-slim yesterday and so far I really like it. I was very skeptical because I have had basically the exact same pump for 15 years and this is completely different than the pager style medtronic pumps. I met with an educator yesterday to make sure I had everything set up correctly and have only been wearing it for about 18 hours and I couldn’t be happier with it.

It must be an iPhone thing, I was worried that if I was having problems with my phone that I would have problems with it staying connected to the pump. So far so good, it hasn’t lost signal at all with the pump and they are actually on opposite sides of my body.

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I do not believe that the phone connects to the pump

It connects to the transmitter. I have frequently lost the pump reading but continue to get readings on my apple XR phone and watch

I have been told that the signal cannot go thru the body. It needs direct line of sight from the transmitter to the receiving device. So depending upon body mass and sensor placement you may or
May not have a problem

In the case of Tandem pump, there is a Bluetooth connection from pump to phone, to communicate to t:connect app.
The tandem pump acts like a receiver, so can link to dexcom transmitter. In addition, phone app can also connect to transmitter.

In my case, I use xDrip app on android phone, and also use t:connect as 2nd app on same phone. So only pull pump out of pocket for bolusing, all data I need is on phone.