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For users of a Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitoring ("CGM") device

Just as a reminder with the recent release of the new Dexcom G4 to the US market--it is NOT okay to post about previous models or older sensors as being 'for sale' on this site.

It is a violation of the Terms of Use because it is a prescription device, and any such efforts will unfortunately be removed.

We encourage you to donate supplies to non-profits such as the Charles Ray III Diabetes Association (, which accepts unexpired glucometer and insulin pump supplies, or alternatively you may talk to your physician's office or other local medical group to discuss donating them to those in need of assistance.

Thank you all for kindly refraining from this activity.

Until the day my transmitter finally gave me the "low battery order new transmitter" warning, my battery status was always OK

That’s helpful to know! Thanks Clare!

Isaac, perhaps you could use this:

Anyway to get the data off the Dexcom 4 to my Mac?

Does anyone have the problem of the sharp prongs at the back and underneath of the sensor digging in to the skin and giving two small sores underneath I also scar from it it happen’s more when I turn over in my sleep and and put pressure on it.

Yes, I've had red marks where the sensor holder has dug into my skin. They haven't actually been sores, but have taken a while to go away, so they seem to just be injured blood vessels. I don't have any good solutions to that problem, but for me, they're more of a nuisance than anything else.

Need moral support … I get my dexcom tomorrow and am a little worried that I’ll mess up a pod and not put it in correctly. I Have watch the on line video of how to insert and all but I’m worried I’ll make a mistake. Is it a issue with the first one should I go to the endo to do the first one or just buck it up and just jump in with both feet. Thanks

Hummingbird, def go to an endo for the first time! you will get used to it and they are extremely easy to use, but for the first I recommend you going. Also, even though they say 7 days of use, most people get at least double that. It changed my life!! don't know how I survived with out it. GOOD LUCK!

Hummingbird. have you seen the youtube video out there on how to do it, I watched that about 3 times just before I put my first one one and it was easy breezy, what made me chicken was the clicking of it going in. Hummingbirds are fighters I say you under estimate yourself. With all that said if you still want to go to your Endo go for it but well for me that would make me more anxious having someone watching over me. LOL

your going to love the dexcom, Mr. Panky and myself are best of friends

I usually get 3 weeks with my sensor

Ok great. I’ll check out the youtube video. Yes I’m a fighter and a tough bird. Lol. So i will go it on my own because I’ll end up being anxious about getting to endo and making time for the appointment . Thanks for the help. Ya I’m think gifts going to change my life can’t wait to get it on and working for me .

I can tell you how I ruined my first sensor, many years ago. So that you don't repeat.
When I wanted to insert the needle, I put my finger under the Collar, instead of above the collar, and then pushed.

Instead of pushing the needle under my skin, I pulled it up, which should have been the next step.

I did it even after watching the Video, and reading instructions.

None of them really explained that your finger should be holding the plunger and the tube right below it.

I hope this helps.

I’m new as well to Dexcom, and I worried and worried about plunging the sensor under my skin. I followed each step and when it came time to plunge I was brave and just did it. You know what? Easy Peasey and I didn’t feel a thing except relief! Doing a fingerstick hurts me more.

I’m so happy with my CGM, I wish I had done it years ago. Now I’m so brave I’m trying to get an Omnipod!

For your first time, put it on you where you have good control over your sight and hands. It’s super easy.

Good luck!

Hummingbird, My sister went to her Endo and he had NO idea how to do any thing with the Dexcom. He called Dexcom and my sister met with one of their field reps. who helped her out.

My first experience was a scene out of "I Love Lucy." I was so nervous about making a mistake. I missed a step so I could not get the syringe out of my stomach. It was really funny. I sat for about 20 minutes in a panic trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. I watched the video again and realized I'd just missed one step.

It's a little tricky with the plunger. I always have to remember top part of the syringe first to push down. Bottom
part second-pull up to dislodge needle, then pinch the sides to remove syringe from sensor.

Watch the videos and read what Isaac wrote below. You'll do fine.

I inserted my first Dexcom sensor while chatting online with jrtpup and Emily Coles here at TuD. I stuck the first one horizontally on my abdomen and it took me a while before I actually hit the plunger. But with the support I managed pretty well and a week later met the Dexcom trainer. I'm glad I didn't wait because I got a chance to ask a lot of questions that I wouldn't have thought about if it wasn't already up and running. I haven't had any issues inserting it and now routinely use the back of my arms. I get at least 2 and more often 3-4 weeks out of a sensor.

Reading through all of these comments, I want to substitute in "first injection" everywhere. I remember being SO nervous 33 years ago when I did my very first injection. Now, I can do it all with my eyes closed.

This is the same type of thing!

Yes, your first time will be iffy/rough/new, but in the end it is really simple, and you will eventually wonder why you thought it was such a big deal.

Nowadays, it takes me all of 8 seconds (f'real!) to remove the sensor injector from its packaging, tear off the back side of the tape, slap it on my arm/bicep, hit the plunger, click the sides to remove the plunger, snap in the Tx (*click* *click*) and twist off its handle. Shoop, shoop, shoop. You will be a pro at it in no time.


Could be the person who posted this is a member of this community, but this video is the one that really encouraged us

Great Video!

Love that video, I gave the link to my CDE who uses it every time she starts a patient on a Dexcom.