Dexcom users connect here!

I watched that vid just now, followed by one by a girl named Danica the Diabetic (stage name, I'm sure...). Interesting that these folks are putting the Dex on vertically in both instances, which looks like a real pain (though it seems they do this to make removing the plunger easier using gravity to assist). I don't do that -- I put it on horizontally, and then while using my thumb and forefinger to squeeze the tabs, I use the web of that hand (between thumb and forefinger) to push up on the plunger. Easy peasy. Works every time. /\/\

I put it vertically on my arms exactly the same way Diabetic Danica does it. Also the same way the mom in the Super Hero video does it. Gravity works just fine to get the inserter to fall off. I find vertically on my arms moves with the muscles, not against them so I don't notice the sensor is even there most of the time.

Diff'rent Strokes, right? ;) Mine go on sort of the frontish side of the bicep, sideways. Never experienced any binding, or loss of connection while sleeping on it, or anything else. Wore it on my stomach exactly ONE TIME. One word: Yuck! Hated it. /\/\

Whatever makes you happy and gives you the best result. The only time I have ever used my stomach was the first sensor, because that is where the instructions said to put it. I hated it there and moved it to my thighs the very next sensor. This summer though I have started cycling and find it is a lot better on my arms during a 50 mile ride than on my legs.

Thank you thank you all are wonderful … I called endo and I’m meeting with a field rep on Thursday morning . So I’ll be on my way after that can’t wait to get this going I know it’s going to make my life much easier. All of your input has been most helpful, the dr or the rep can’t give me half of what you all have. I’ll up date you all Thursday night and I’m sure I’ll have more questions. :slight_smile:

Ok just watched the YouTube … If that little one can get it on the arm I’m in .
Do many of you really put it on your belly 100% of the time. Yes only FDA approved for that spot but not really a great spot for most I’m sure

Hummingbird, I've used my belly 98% of the time. I've used my thigh before, but that was out of necessity. Although, listening/reading all of these replies, I just might have to try my arm. It's where I typically place my OmniPod, but I recently started to use other sites for that.

I use my tummy but I’ve only been on it for three weeks. I want to try my thigh and my arm at some point. I’m hoping to get an OmniPod so I’ll need to start rotating all over my bod, I guess!

Hummingbird, I watched videos of children inserting the dexcom on purpose. If they can do it, a 55 year old wimp like me could do it!

i hardly ever have it on my belly, my pod and dexcom work best on breast, then back, arm,thigh and then belly in that sequence

I’m thinking the belly will be the first spot because the rep will be helping me but my arm might be best because of my activity level and I’m not sure how it is going to work with the waste line. The breast would have been great just hide it in my bra but had breast cancer last year don’t won’t to add any possibility of more popping up on those baby’s. Lol.
Thanks again everyone for the in put :slight_smile:

I'm very thin and only use my upper tummy. Did try at first with rep. on my arm but would rub bone during night. Breast seem to painful to me. Once I got use to my stomach it has been great. My rep. was patient and it is easy to see insert. Good luck!

Hummingbird my endo walked in while the Dexcom rep. was helping me use to my injection and he said remember as Katie pointed out it's P,P,P. Push, Pull and Press(pinch) sides of receiver those are the key letters.

PPP, that is cool to remember. Happy for ya, your on your way.

It’s on and doing its thing. The dexcom rep was great. Helped me put the pod on with no issue at all. Very excited to get to know the dexcom and see how it changes life. Thanks agin for all the guidance.

Excited to hear the news congrat's, you'll love your Dexcom.

Loving the wireless BG readings and the group CGM in the Cloud! This is a pic of CGM readings on our bedroom TV.

Yeah they're a very dedicated group of parents who are not waiting. This makes such a huge difference for when the kids go to school, camp, sleep overs, Grandmas house etc. Just having the peace of mind must be amazing.

Where can I find about the wireless BG reading and the CGM in the Cloud?

You can find the CGM in the Cloud info here:

and also in the FB group "CGM in the Cloud."

I can't wait to try to get it up and running!