Dexcom-taking the plunge

Finally I am moving up from the Libre to a real CGM with Dexcom. I am a semi-tech savy person and wanted to know for all you Dexcom users WHAT DO YOU WISH YOU HAD KNOWN WHEN YOU GOT YOUR FIRST DEXCOM? Specific tips with links much appreciated! Thanks in advance for your help.

Assuming you have checked for insurance coverage, since Dexcom is generally higher cost. Some insurance will cover as pharmacy and if so, is usually lower cost and easier to get filled.

And as of now, G6 is the only option for new purchase, which I assume you planning on.

First thing is what you plan to use for seeing readings/alerts ? Dexcom website has limited android phone support, in addition to Apple. Many android users accommodate this by using xDrip. Or you can use the dexcom receiver.

For cost saving, many use sensors after they end. Many good topics here that explain how to restart them.


I wish I had really known how bad the adhesive was, the first one started to come off by day 2. I also wish I knew earlier on you could restart them, although when they first came out I’m not sure you could until someone figured it out!

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Have you tried the patches/overtape provided by using online request at dexcom support (no cost) ?


I had called Dexcom at the beginning and they sent me the overpatches, for me they were just as bad. I started using Skin Tac which works great and I restart mine so I always end up using some Skin Tac to help stop the edges from peeling up. Especially since I snorkel too.

I just wished I had known at the very beginning instead of trying other things to get those first couple to stay stuck on before I got my hands on Skin Tac!


I use skin-tac first week, and add the overpatch as needed.

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Some ‘gotchas’ that I’ve seen expressed:

  • Incompatible phones, and if you don’t have one, you would need to use xDrip and related software to get it working on your phone and/or watch
  • The Android app works with a limited number of watches, only those with Wear OS, otherwise necessitating xDrip and related software

A post of mine on my devices and apps, versus going the xDrip route:

A post of mine on Android watches:

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With respect to the current G6, look up “presoak”. Many find if we put a new sensor on and put the transmitter in right away and start it, that the first 12 hours of readings go up and especially down with no relation toreality.

On the other hand if we put it in and wait 12 or so hours before putting in the transmitter, we get good stability.

Others here talk about the adhesive but I find that with the exception of one box of 3 sensors, that the Dexcom G6 adhesive works great for me and I have no problem going all 10 days. For pulling off a sensor, some of use use Goo-Gone or other solvents to help loosen the adhesive.


@Tim12, I don’t ‘presoak’, but to solve the same problem, I insert it midday, and then spend some of the next few hours calibrating. Initially, I was inserting the sensor in the evening, which resulted in our sleep being ruined by repeated false lows, and if I tried to calibrate, repeated reminders to recalibrate.

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Give the presoak a try. I do a 12+ hour presoak and never have to do any calibrations.

Chasing the crazy fake low readings with calibrations right after an insert doesn’t help any because you then have to repeat the calibrations after the sensor settles down.

Thanks to EVERYONE. Very helpful. I plan to use my IPhone 7 to “read” the Dexcom and I would like to get a watch also to read it. From the postings, I understand that I need to get a watch that has “Wear OS” technology.


No. Since you have an iPhone, the easiest choice would be an Apple Watch. You would only need Wear OS if you had an Android. You could go with other watches, but I am not sure how well they would work, if at all, with an iPhone.

Apple has nice integration between the device, the app, and the watch, but there are occasional issues with upgrading your operating system, where you would need to wait until Dexcom declared it okay. There are a few recent posts about this. I will add them to this thread.

Dexcom Mobile & Watch Apps

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Know that there is a learning curve to being successful with Dexcom. Over time you will learn when to trust it and when not to. It is not perfect but for most of us it is a life-changing technology.


As promised, links to Apple threads…

I desperately wish that I had verified the readings against traditional machine, not just for the first two weeks, but always.

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Because of prior bad experiences with adhesive in a Medtronic and a Dexcom CGM, from over 5 to 10 years ago, I assumed that I would need an adhesive patch over the existing Dexcom patch, so bought a couple of varieties, just in case.

This time around, it has all gone well, no irritation, and the devices stay attached for the 10 days. I don’t try to extend the sensor life - I would if I erred in timing the prescription, or one was defective - but in that case, additional adhesive patches would be useful.

Hi Marie. Perhaps you can help me. When I had the G5 I had no problem restarting. I was only successful once with the G6. I watched all the YouTube videos. Have popped out the transmitter waited 15 minutes and restarted with same sensor number. Never works for me. I don’t used my receiver only my iPhone. Any tips? As for the adhesive. I use the liquid SkinTac. I put on my arm and then on the sensor adhesive. Never have any problem with it staying on. Thanks.

Most definitely, and as @MM1 says earlier in this thread, you can get overpatches (with a perfect txmtr cutout) free via Dexcom. They work fine and as far as I can tell are the same stuff as the adhesive film I’ve used for years (I’ve had good luck with Opsite Flexifix, but there are other brands).

@Jane16 Unfortunately they are changing tech all the time, so there is the possibility you have a newer transmitter that won’t restart. So far that hasn’t come up but? You might let us know if you are still unsuccessful what the first letter/numbers are.

Make sure you have either a sensor that expired or manually stop sensor on your phone.

Then you take out the transmitter And wait a full 30 minutes, then pop it back in.

Then start sensor with original code.

Those are the only 2 things I can think of that might be causing an issue?

If it still doesn’t work maybe someone else has ideas!

Thanks for replying Marie. Will try again Thursday when sensor ends. Fingers crossed. Everyone is so helpful. A great resource.

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