Dexcom users, unite! (mute override)

Per Anthony’s suggestion, I was hoping we could phone Dexcom en masse to complain about the mute override on the latest update. Twice in the last 2 days I’ve been in a no phone zone when my alarm started…not once, but 3 times before it caught up to my already discerned low that I had corrected PRIOR to the alarm sounding in the first place. Never-mind that I acknowledged the alarm.

Wondering if the following would make it easier for people to call and complain about the mute override:

  1. Pasting the number to Dexcom support here: 1.877.339.2664 (Press 2 for technical support).
  2. Perhaps we could come up with a script that would make those of us who are conflict avoidant feel a little more empowered.
    Something like, “Hello. I was calling to check to see when we might expect the mute override on the latest update to be reversed. This is a real problem and has already caused issues for me (at work, at church, at school, while reading to my kids, fill in the blank etc. etc.). It has become so burdensome that I will need to turn my phone off for periods of time when I would ordinarily silence my phone or put it on vibrate while monitoring Dexcom by sight, which in my view defeats the purpose of the wonderful product we have in Dexcom.”

Ideas for other script lines?

Also seem to remember a previous poster mentioning that writing Apple might gain some traction too. Is that right? If so, where should we direct our complaint?

  • Pro alarm
  • Against alarm

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Great thread. However, Dexcom doesn’t need to roll-back this change. They just need to give us an option to opt-out of Mute Override. I can see how this feature is very helpful for some people, parents of type 1 children etc.

The other night I turned my phone off while I slept to ovoid the 55 low. It was off for 7 hours. I told Dexcom this and they noted it. The 55 low alarms are very often FALSE alarms for me. And when I really am 55 I feel it.

Lets all call Dexcom and voice ourselves. 1.877.339.2664

Totally agree. Maybe set it as default, but let us decide to keep it or mute it.

So true. I should have clarified this. Thank you.

To clarify, it’s not that I don’t like (and need) the alarm. I do! It wakes me regularly. Sometimes for legitimate reasons. It’s simply that when I shift my phone to silent mode, I would like it to be silent (while I continue to visually monitor my numbers).

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I think this is a great idea to continually call Dexcom and ask for an update to silence alarm when you need it silenced. I have been calling and saying that there are times when I absolutely must shut off my phone just in case the alarm goes off. I had no problem on previous app to do a visual check of my readings on phone and correct if necessary. Honestly, some reps seem understanding, some seem clueless and some seem like it is a necessary feature. I really like using Dexcom, but in last couple of calls, I have been throwing it out there that I am thinking of discontinuing use due to the alarm feature in the hope that that may persuade a fix if they think consumers are not going to purchase.

Is this purely an update to minimize liability, or were they directed to do so by the FDA? I know there was some action on this front after their recent recall due to faulty alarms on some receivers.

This is NOT an FDA issue as many would have you believe. The FDA is concerned with the value the Dexcom is showing and how accurate that is. Their job is to verify that a glucose value is as accurate as the manufacturer claims it is.

A normal glucose meter (non-cgm) does not alarm when you are high or low. It does not remind you to test you blood. It does not do any alarms, generally speaking.

Yes @Bradford1, they did recall the G4 receiver. But this is because the Dexcom did not do what it stated it would do, which was, to warn of a low. The FDA does not dictate that Dexcom needs to warn of a low. They are the enforcers, so to speak.

So, if Dexcom says their product can do something, then the FDA enforces that fact.

Yeah, that’s what I was voting for. Just let US decide. We’ve got our big-boy pants on. Let us make the choice.

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