Dexcom: Latest G5 Update is worrisome and troubling

For those of you who are now using the latest G5 update you have noticed some nice improvements. However, the decision to override the Mute and Do Not Disturb functions of the iPhone is very worrisome. They have essentially taken something away from us, instead of given us something useful.

Now, we are awoken on many nights for every single alert and alarm on our G5. Do I need to be awoken at 3am to calibrate? Is that an emergency? Or at 4am that my sensor is going to expire? Really?

Dexcom, can you give us on option to turn this new ‘feature’ OFF. I was very happy the way it was before. And for those who like this feature they can turn it ON.

The Do Not Disturb function is a VERY powerful feature of the iPhone, and Dexcom has taken that away from us without our consent.

Please fix this is and give us our options back.


My biggest problem is that the alarm is VERY loud. I understand the point, but we should have an option.
I was at the airport yesterday and the phone was in my pocket, beeping like crazy, despite the fact that I had the watch connected to it.


For better or worse, I suspect the FDA had a hand in this. I’m probably one of the few who is happy about this, as my daughter can no longer blow off her alerts with Do Not Disturb. She, of course, is none too pleased…:angry:

The alarm for the session is about to expire in 1 hour sounds like a 5 Alarm fire. Really Dexcom? What a cruel reminder that we are diabetic.

We lived a whole year without this feature with the G5, I think we can manage going forward. Give us a choice.


I agree with you @Anthony. The larger issue here is Dexcom’s decision to shut down your choice. I do think the 55 alarm should attract our attention, however.


I would be ok with the 55 alarm. But to bypass mute for ALL of the alarms is such a disservice to us diabetics.

Dexcom, please fix this.


Glad I’m lazy about updating my apps. Looks like current v. is 1.5.1 and I’m still on v. 1.2.4. I may keep holding off. They do tout that you can select vibrate-only for the alarm now, which may help a little. But I agree, this Do Not Disturb feature should be an option not a hardwired default.


I know this is likely an exceedingly remote option, but should mention it just in case it could work for someone…

If you’re willing to switch to an Android phone, you can ditch Dexcom’s app altogether and use the hacker community open-source app xdrip (or its variation xdrip+).

The various alarms and notifications are much, much more configurable, allowing for everything you all would like, and a lot more (like, for example, custom ringtones for each alarm type).

Not to mention a ton of other incredible features not available in Dexcom’s app, direct reading collection from an Android Wear smartwatch (no phone needs to be present), and a very responsive development group.

If you’re smartphone agnostic, I’d highly recommend the switch. The downside is, of course, there’s no warranty, guarantees, if a bug gives you totally inaccurate readings you’re own your own, etc. etc. etc.


The Vibrate option is very misleading and perhaps malfunctioning. Even alarms set to vibrate will sound a loud alarm if you do not dismiss them on the phone. The sensor expiration alarm is a loud audible alarm regardless of your settings.

Also, if you dismiss an alarm on your watch it has no effect. You have to dismiss it from your phone. Otherwise it repeats every five minutes.

This really sucks.

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The alarm is SO LOUD now, regardless of vol setting on phone; it’s awful. I now have to turn my alerts to vibrate manually if I’m in a meeting, seminar, doing clinical work, or even at a coffee shop working on my laptop, because it’s so disruptive. It’s also annoying to have to switch each alarm on/off separately, and to have to locate the right alert to switch back to each time. Ugh. Awful.

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My conspiracy theory is that the FDA person hates diabetics. Everything that I see is consistent with this theory.


Because Dexcom had a few receivers that malfunctioned and did not alarm now we are all paying the price with these rediculously loud alarms on our iPhones. They really need some type 1s to test these releases.

This is a terrible update.


I was an early complainer to Dexcom over this G5 app update. After several calls to guys I know there, they finally admitted they “messed up and were working on a new update to correct the issue.” Of course, I lost enough sleep now that I have removed the G5 app from my phone and gone back to the Medtronic Enlite in the meantime.

Such careless untested updates should never be allowed to leave, and rolling back the change should have been easy with an update following immediately. For me, it is a bad mark on Dexcom.

As to other “nice features” - they still haven’t addressed the most asked for ones, like event data and scrolling in portrait mode. And the watch update defaulting to 1 hour is not to my liking - especially since they do not save the last selected period, they cheapened the look of the Apple Watch display, and the crown twist to change the period is “iffy” at best.

If they didn’t make such a darned good CGM sensor, I would have eliminated them from my life at this point.

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The power switch is a very powerful option on an iPhone too;)


Being safe and keeping one’s mental health while managing diabetes is definitely a tightrope walk. When things get too intrusive, we quit using them.

I hated the previous sound profiles of the G5, but got used to keeping my phone on mute. The idea that muting my phone isn’t enough to protect me from those horrendous alarms is enough to make me quit using Dexcom. I’ll soon be on Medicare with no CGM coverage and I have been wondering what it would be like to go back to no CGM. (It’s been 8 years for me.)

I am currently using an unused G4 transmitter that I had from my free upgrade to G5. It is annoying to carry the receiver, but I am starting to wish that the unused G5 transmitters on my shelf were G4.

I reverted to the G4 Share system due to longer transmitter life and range as well as an easier to look at screen during sleep time. I don’t value the phone app as much as many here, so I know it’s easier for me to go back to the G4. It is an option – Dexcom still sells the G4 Share.

I totally agree. I now power off during the first night after sensor change. Typically only useless, wrong alarms in the first 24 hours.

@kmichel I forgot that they changed the watch to one hour instead of the usual 3 hour. These changes are just careless.

Also, even if you are wearing the watch if an alert is triggered the phone still vibrates. And if it’s laying on a countertop it’s loud. What the point of the watch if the phone still vibrates. This is not how Apple designed their system.

This update is a total mess!!

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Great point here. Btw we are not the only ones who are angry. Look up the reviews in the App Store and ppl are saying the same thing.

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Can you explain briefly the main differences between G4 share and G5? Is it that with the G5 you don’t need to use the receiver at all? I know it’s been explained to me before but I forget. This conversation is reminding me of all the reasons I didn’t like cgm when I used it in past. Am now approved for the G5 at negligible cost-- I just have to call and ask them to ship it… but still not convinced I really want it… leaning towards no at this point still