Dexcom vs Minimed trial

So my minimed CGM has been horribly innaccurate as of late and I started a Dexcom trial yesterday. Still wearing the minimed and thought good way to compare the two (thinking in my mind the minimed was so going to lose this contest!) My minimed has been super accurate and the Dexcome woke up multiple time last night with false alarms (saying I was in the 200s when I was really 104). AHHHH! Can the sensors sense competision? Why in the world is my Minimed now so accurate? Is it just my body am I just weird enough that I will not be able to find an semi-accurate sensor. Will I be forced to live with no CGM or constant false alarms?

I've tried both and just could not get accurate results with either. With the Dexcom, I got several false low alarms. On a couple of occassions, I treated what I thought was a low (based on my beeping Dexcom) only to end up really, really high. In the end, I've found that it was easier and cheaper just to test using my meter multiple times per day. I check my BGs around 14 times per day and feel that I have enough accurate information to make adjustments and such. I love the idea of a CGM, but for me, where they are in development just isn't worth the cost. Also, I was starting to get really concerned about the development of scar tissue. I'm not a big person and only have so many places to stick all these things!

Thank you so much for posting! I really thought I was the only one out there it made me feel so much better when I read your post!

Mar, some of it may have to do with location of the sensor? I find my dexcom is most accurate on my upper arm or thigh, and gives lots of false readings elsewhere.

Really appreciate you doing this experiment!

If I decide to go with the Dexcom I will have to try that. I keep telling myself "you have not even hit the 24 hour mark of wearing it yet, don't make jugements yet" but we will see what the next week brings. THANKS for the support! I have no one else to talk about this with!

When I trialed the dexcom for a week it was CONSTANTLY inaccurate. For some reason, I still decided to get one for myself about six months after that. Now I haven't gone a day without it since June and I'm really thrilled. The dexcom is almost always spot on with my meter numbers. It's like that trial dexcom knew it didn't really belong to me and the one that's mine knows me well!

Hi Mar, I've been using a Dexcom since September. I like to say my relationship with my Dex has been a love/hate relationship but I would never vountarily give it up. It has saved me more times than I can count.

I really don't have false alarms very often, but I am hypo unaware so I'd rather deal with an occasional false alarm than have a low one night and not wake up. Just last night I was asleep and my Dex alarmed me to tell me that I was dropping fast (two arrows down). I got up and began meter testing and the Dex was right on. I managed to avoid a low when otherwise I might have slept into a severe one.

I too use my Dexcom mostly on my upper arms and have great results. Part of it though is learning how to use it to make it work for you.

The first rule I found out the hard way is never treat or correct based on any cgm. If you do, you are likely to experience a roller coaster ride. Been there, done that, won't do it again.

Having the trend arrows is lifesaving for me. When I see that I'm trending down, that's my cue to test more often and keep a closer eye than I might otherwise. Doing that has pretty much eliminated most of my lows.

Thanks, I will have to let you know how my week goes. Things have been better today. I contacted the Dexcom rep and he said sometimes it takes 24 hours to settle in and I am guessing that is the problem because things have been really close the longer I wear it. I would love to hear more about your experince when you finish!

eating, driving, exercising, drinking are good for about 10-11 of them/ day...

It can but it's more accurate to do both and make sure they correlate closely. I've had a couple of days in the last 3 years where I forgot my meter and just winged it and they worked out ok, when I got home, things were eerily close. Most of the time it does it as much because of what I eat and you never know when something tasty will come up? I don't like to eat off of the CGM, just in case. Even 20 points off will make it more interesting than I like.

Tgwo words why to have a cgm and still test 7+ times a day, hypoglycemic unawareness. You would have to test 20+ times to avoid that without a cgm. It sounds like you dont suffer from this and I am glad if you dont it is not fun. I am sorry you have had a bad experience hopefully you wont have another one.