Does anyone use the Dexcom blood glucose sensor with their pump? If so do you like it and is it accurate?

Yes. I am on the Dexcom and the OmniPod. I find the Dexcom to fairly accurate after the first 24-48 hours of a new sensor. I still rarely use it for bolusing decisions, but it's great to see trends and let me know what's going on at all times. If I see a trend that I want to check or alerts me, I can always test to make sure it's accurate.

It's much better to evaluate my day by looking at 288 data points instead of 4-8 fingersticks.

It's really helped me dial my basal rates in and evaluate a lot of my meal choices.


I use Dexcom and MM pump, and find the Dexcom accurate and helpful. But alot depends on your understanding of the limitations and your expectations.

I used the MM Real time CGMS prior to Dexcom, and prefer Dex. But some are happy with MM CGMS, and like having only one device to carrry.

What specifically do you think would be better for you if you had CGMS ? Catching high/lows ? Seeing trends ? Understanding how / which foods affect your BG ? These are the main benefits I get.

There also discussions in the Continuous Glucose Monitor Forum, many comparisons of the MM and Dexcom CGMS. Also a Dexcom and Minimed group with discussions you might find helpful.

I tried the Dexcom and never made it out of the drs. office without it starting to come off. The adhesive wouldn't stick and came off within hours. I had 3 inserted and the nurse finally had to tape it on. My blood sugar readings were 50 to 80 points off. I am on Humulin R-U500 (very strong insulin ). That is basically why he wanted me on the Dexcom. Also you can't take tylenol why using Dexcom and that's all I can take being allergic to NSAIDS. I did not see the benefit to me since it wouldn't stay on. I guess I will just continue testing 10 to 12 times daily.