Hi All. I’ve been using Dexcom for more than 5 years now and the last two I’ve used have caused an extremely itchy, red rash. It’s almost like hives as I rip through my own skin scratching it! Does anyone know what to do for this? Does this mean every one of them is going to do this from now on, is what I’m really wondering. Boy, I hope not. This thing saves me as I have no symptoms of low BS at all. Any suggestions are appreciated.

hi Laura, you might want to check out this topic

spaying the area with Flonase seems to have helped some

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This happened to me!! I started spraying Flonase on my skin/at the site prior to placing the dexcom. It eliminated the itchiness completely!!


I realized very early on that when I had the Enlite CGM that I needed to do SOMETHING to keep the whole setup from itching to get even six days out of it.

My results with the Enlite were wildly inaccurate, but I held over my regimen when I switched to Dexcom.

I put half a Tough Pad on my skin where I’m going to insert the sensor. (Tough Pads are hydrocolloid bandages). Doing this kept my sites from itching and allowed me to go 14 days or more per sensor.

The other thing I do is cover the whole shebang with Opsite Flex-Fix. THIS keeps water out of my sensor and transmitter.

I have a little redness on my skin, but no itching or scaling. The only limit to how long I wear a sensor is how long I’m willing to re-cover everything with a new piece of Opsite. It usually ends up being about two weeks.

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Hi! Thanks for your input! I don’t know why this would just start happening after 5 years but I sure appreciate your letting me know. It is not tolerable. Even after 2 weeks, the first one still itches. Can you spray the Flonase under the whole site or just around the edges? Thank you again.