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‘‘ I rarely test any more.” How do yo get around the twice a day calibration test. I use both my cell phone and Dexcom meter. My phone keeps beeping for blood until I do it.
And the same to those who wear sensor for 10 days.
This means you stopping the sensor and then restarting it to let it run for three more days.

I have a Dexcom G5, and I use XDRIP on my phone.
I honestly only test once every 1 to 4 days. Sometimes over a week.
That and I don’t have to restart the sensor unless I am actually restarting a new sensor.

IMO, the dexcom phone app blows chunks. xDrip works much better and I concur with what Hammer wrote regarding xDrip’s capabilities. it is so superior, Dexcom should be ashamed. I tried the Dexcom app for less than a day–it was that annoying.

Dexcom G6 doesn’t require calibrations at all


I looked for xdrip in the iPhone store but its not listed???

For iPhone you probably want Spike.

(Assuming you mean you want an alternative to the official Dexcom app.)