Question about new G6 app

I have gotten a message to download the new G6 app from Dexcom onto my Android phone. I am concerned. My transmitter just needed replacing and it took them over 3 weeks to get one to me, so I had to find a way online to reset my old transmitter to be able to continue using the system. Has anyone downloaded the new app (mid-May/19) and tried to extend their sensor life?

Slightly confused if you are asking about extending the G6 transmitter (past 112 days) or the G6 sensor (past 10 days).

Thank you for replying. I’m asking about both. If they didn’t plug the sensor restart, then both are probably still working. The frequency of sensor extensions is going to be much higher than transmitter extensions so I thought I would ask about that.

There are several ways to do sensor restart/extend beyond 10 days. Which method did you use ?
Many use xDrip or Spike, and don’t use standard Dexcom app for readings.

I tried xdrip and did not like it as much as the Dexcom App, which is what I use. I use the method of putting the receiver in a faraday bag after restarting the sensor from it and want to find out if that will still work with the update. Thanks for the help.

Just curious why u didn’t like xDrip better. I despised the dexcom app so much, it spent less than 1/2 a day on my phone. I’ve been running xdrip on my phone, my tablet, my watch, my old phone (for my wife to view from her side of the bed). I can see her dex data and she can see mine. xdrip even talks glucose values, if you so choose. it avoids 2 hour waits for starting sensors. it has homes creen widgets which is the first thing I noticed that the Dexcom app is lacking, which I find ridiculous.

BTW, since we are both dex users, I found a way to install two copies of xdrip on each phone, using an app cloner app. very cool! One copy is for getting our own data, and the extra copy is a “follower”, to view the data from the other person. I have two widgets side by side on my home screen, to see both our data.


IMHO the place for the G6 sensor restart to be “plugged” is in the logic found within the actual transmitter. I also feel this relatively easy to do and there are a bunch of smart people at Dexcom. I have no doubt they would have already done this if they wanted to do it.

Hi, Dave. Thanks for the reply. Sorry I didn’t see it sooner. I was used to the DexCom app before I tried xdrip and liked it. I don’t remember all that I ran into when I tried xdrip but they were probably mostly ignorance of how to do things that were intuitively obvious to me on the Dexcom app and lack of being able to just pick up the phone and get the answers. I do remember running the Dex receiver and xdrip at the same time, seeing different results and seeing my tester closer to DexCom’s value so that was the clincher for me and I went back to DexCom. I don’t have a two hour delay because there is a work around by using the receiver and restarting. That was the whole purpose of my question was to see if anyone has done a restart with the newest version of the Dexcom app, which I wanted to find out before upgrading. Anyway, I wish you the best with your system. I may be back to xdrip if something annoys me about the Dexcom app but right now, it works very well for me.

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