DIA-MYSTERIES: Are there foods that definitely have carbs that seem to not raise your bloodsugar at all?

Here's mine:
Supposedly has 25 carbs... I'd never know.
Cubes of paneer (indian cheese), basmati rice infused with spinach, and tikka masala sauce (a little spicy)
I add spinach and pine nuts to it.

Simple answer is NOPE! It all has an impact, some better and some worse. I avoid the three P's Peanut Butter, Pasta and Pizza. They all do a number on me.

for me it's rice.. If I eat too much rice, my sugar becomes stubborn, it never wants to come down. Which boils down to what we've known all along-- Portion control, however, it really does help if you use a pump when eating some foods.


These seem to have little to no effect on my BG readings:

rice cakes!

but take that with a grain of salt. Rice on the other hand, has the complete opposite effect for me! Even the smallest bit drives it through the roof. I still have no idea what separates carbs from "carbs".

Peanut butter doesn't bother me at all. Foods that are considered low GI still have carbs but don't affect your BS much, if at all. For me, they are grapefruit and whole wheat pasta. Don't have to take much insulin with those foods. But my exercise keeps my metabolism up too.

Hmm. Cheese would indeed be the only question for me. It has a tiny, tiny bit of carbs, but I can eat it all day (not exactly a healthy suggestion lol) and not really see a big change.

Now if we could only say the same for the other foods...

I find that I can eat fruits and vegetables without bolusing and my blood sugar stays within range. I absolutely stay away from white foods (rice, flour, potatoes, dairy), without bolusing. Even a bite will do me in!

I have found that Kashi 7 Grain Pilaf doesn't spike me at all if I bolus 10-15 minutes ahead of time. It has 24 or 25 grams of carbs per 1 cup serving - and it tastes delicious! Way better than rice, kind of a nutty flavor.

Me too, Yogi!
I wouldn't put a grain of rice in my piehole for love or money!
White, brown, red or green!

I'm new, so I'm not sure how foods affect me yet, but I LOVE that paneer tikka masala! I think I'm going to go get some today :-)

BTW, both turmeric and fenugreek have a least anecdotal health benefits, so yay tikka masala.