For Type 2's what are your Trigger Foods?

Keeping a close journal of amount and type of carbs I eat I find for me bread and pasta are absolutely killers for me. And strangely enough, Sugar Free mints are about the same. My own insulin just wont cover these well at all.

Other things such as peas, corn, potatoes, all in moderation of course I peak to around 140 and come back to 95-100.

Whats your trigger food out there?

Hi Pauly,

Cereal has been the worst food for me. I just cant eat it anymore. 1 cup of Special K has spiked me to 160. Pasta is another problem food but I have noticed I can usually tolerate more carbs in the evening as opposed to mornings. I can have a couple of roast potatoes (my fav) at super time with little effect on BG but in the am 5 grams of carbs spike me…

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Rice… makes my bg goes up to high heavens!

Sweet breads (rolls); sweets of any kind, beans like legumes, ice cream even the sugarless kind are not the best things for me to be eating. I found some whole grain pasta and breads that aren’t too bad, and don’t spike as badly as some others. Whole wheat isn’t that good to me either…has to be whole grains. My highs are in the 190’s, but my lows are in the 60’s or 50’s. The best place for me to be is 110 or less.

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Hey Pauly,

Some people get spikes from sugar-free foods that contain sugar alcohols: maltitol, xylitol, sorbitol & there are a few other polyols. Most people can’t digest these & they go through digestion without effecting BG. These people can often get gas & diarrhea from eating too many sugar alcohols. For people who actually can digest sugar alcohols, it acts like glucose in raising BG.

For me its bread and potatoes. I do find it odd that I can eat white rice or jasmine rice and my BS will actually go down some.

I agree. Sugar alcohol kills my stomach!!

My highest numbers have been from popcorn. I find it hard not to eat a lot of it when there’s a big bowl in front of me.

Funny how everyone is different. I also cannot seem to tolerate cereal well. The whole grain Ronzoni pastas I do fairly well with in moderation. Popcorn doesn’t bother me at all, Elaine…funny

hey pauley, spenda spikes my bsl, in coffee or tea, cooked in something i am ok

If I follow glycemic load guidelines, I am fine… but usually, Pizza has become a no no for me. Not even one slice. Unless it’s low carb, or something. I found a DiGiornio 200 calorie one which was kind of okay, but so small, it’s just not worth it. Pasta is fine, and wonderful… Rice is evil. But if I have a half cup of extra long grain, then I am fine. It depends.

Hey this is great, Has anyone tested that Dreamfields pasta? Its made by the Creamette company here in Minneapolis. Heres the deal on it. It does not digest in your gut like regular pasta and moves into your lower intestine where only just about half the carbs are absorbed. One serving of it is 30 grams of carbs but after the npn- absorption is figured in they claim it is only 5. I tried it on the recommendation of my dieteican. It was a little more rubbery . My numbers shot a little higher than I would have liked but not as bad as the regular pasta… It scratched the itch so to speak for my pasta hunger I get once in awhile Just wondering?

Hey Paul, I choose that name to limit google searches for me as described in another thread. I was called this of course in my younger years, but hey if it worked then it will work now! Have a great 2010!

Honey. It makes me so sad even just thinking about it. Of all the things I’ve given up, I miss honey the most. Rice also tends to spike me. Mostly I’ve found that as long as I am still starving when I’m finished eating I can have whatever I want.