Foods that make your blood sugars high

Are there any foods that you’ve noticed that make your blood sugars high that you wouldn’t think would make that big of a difference? Chinese food, honey bbq wings from buffalo wild wings and peanut butter really kill mine.

peanuts and peanut butter
lentils, etc.

Interesting, I do fine with nut butters and nuts! My nemesises, nemessi, whatever…the ones I can’t successfully bolus for so don’t eat at all are rice and cereal and pasta is close behind.

I eat a ton of peanut butter for its nice flat line. Are you eating the 100% peanut peanut butter or one of the national brands with sugars added and funny fats.


With BWW you have to keep in mind that their sauces are very sweet. (Many are around 10 grams of carbs for just one tablespoon of sauce). Their boneless wings are breaded, which adds quite a bit of carbs as well. And their wings are high in protein (about 6 grams per wing). Protein causes a raise in blood sugar. It’s slower than with carbs, but it’s still there.

When I eat at BWW I always bolus for the carbs, then use an extended bolus (…and this is why I love my pump) for the fat and protein (about 20% of each (this works for ME)) for the next 3 hours. Otherwise I find I can be well over 200 at the 2 hour mark.

I can’t eat peanuts and I find the 100% peanut butter affects me too. Peanuts are a legume like lentils not a nut.

pizza always messes me up!

cheap white bread, breakfast cereal, sweet BBQ sauce, frozen yogurt, thai food, white rice, and the like are my personal nemeses. i avoided pizza for months but now don’t mind having a slice here and here, provided i pre-bolus 10 minutes ahead and don’t eat a ton of it at a sitting.

incidentally, i treat peanut butter as nearly free (it’s a “rounding” food–i.e. i won’t bolus for it alone but it might make the difference between 1 and 2 units, or 2 and 3 units, etc.)

I knew BWW was bad…but its so good that its worth it :slight_smile: and I’ve tried ever peanut butter and they all screw it up. I use it when I’m really low and won’t come up. Its so strange how pizza effects some of you guys, I never would have thought of that.

I have to watch low carb Greek Yogurt. Even at 7 carbs per cup, if I eat more than 1/2 cup I spike.