Diabetes 365 Project 2010

Well, I decided to join yet another diabetic project online. I enjoy a challenging mission, though this isn't really what I would call a challenge as it's more abit of fun with everyone putting in pictures of their life with diabetes. It is making me think about how my diabetes effect me over a period of 365 days all in the form of pictures taken each day.

Now, this project was started back in 2008 on Flickr. Now if memory serves me right, back in 2008, I wasn’t even aware that diabetic discussions existed on the Internet. Duh!!! That’s how sheltered a life I lead prior to that - 40 years of being a “Lone Dranger” . Then when I started educating myself on how to take care of my diabetes better with the use of an insulin pump, my world changed at that point.

This current project is currently run by Bernard Ferrall, but please correct me if I’m wrong here. I’m still learning the proper way to tag the photos I’m loading up, and of course, reading the instructions correctly. There is a theme for each week, but I’ve been told, it’s okay if I don’t go with the flow .

If you feel like taking a look at what has been posted from the previous years that Diabetes 365 was held along with current pictures that members have uploaded - just enter “D365” in the search line area.

If your creative juices start to flow (make sure they are low carb or bolus correctly ) and you would like to contribute your photos - then sign on up - and join the group! Make sure you read the Weekly Focus Calendar in the Discussion area to ensure you are following “zee rules”, but everyone is pretty easy going if you don’t follow them to the the “T” .

If you enjoyed this little blurb - please feel free to discover other scribbles that I’ve written about life with diabetes at the following link - hopefully you won’t be disappointed by my musings ---- http://www.diabetes1.org/blogs/Annas_Blog

I joined too last week. I am a bit nervous about being able to keep up…but with kids, it “should” be easyish to do.