Diabetes and Celiac Disease

I was pretty sick last fall (with what turned out to be pancreatitis), and before the doc would send me home from the hospital, he wanted to find the reason for my newly found anemia. Turns out that they found the reason was Celiac Disease - the doctors (my endo at the time, and my GI specialist) both told me that they seem to see higher incidences of Celiac Disease with Type I diabetics!
So, my question is, are there any other CD sufferers other than myself on here?
If so, how did they come to their diagnosis? (CD is a great symptom mimic!)
Some background: Celiac Disease

No can’t say I am but I didn’t even know about this til about a year ago (after being diabetic for 34 years) and I immedently had my dr test for it! Nice to see your dr. is trying his best to keep up!