Diabetes and cortisone

cortisone & diabetes
Over twenty years ago my brother Eric had received a cortisone shot from his doctor, as a means to fight poison ivy. Shortly afterwards he had lost a lot of weight,
and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Eric was the first, in my families history to have been diagnosed with this disease. This has had a great impact on his life. He now has to prick his finger to draw blood at least three times a day, in order to test his blood sugars. He also has to inject insulin at least twice a day to sustain his blood sugar levels and prevent any further health problems.

As for myself ,It is almost six year’s that I was working as a sawer, clearing out fire trials for the state of California, when I cut into a patch of poison oak. I came down with a terrible rash that kept me out of work for over a month. My doctor suggested a cortisone injection. I followed through with his suggestion, hoping that this would speed my recovery. Less than a week after I received this injection I lost 10lbs, and my blood sugars were over 600. I was admitted to the intensive care unit in Ojai California; where I was then diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Like my brother Eric, my life was forever changed. I have to test my blood sugars and inject insulin to prevent ketoacidosis; which can lead to a coma or possibly something worse. It was my suspicion after it happened to me that it was the cortisone that was given to both my brother and I, that caused our diabetes. After research, I have learned of other cases very similar to our own. I have found some study’s of cortisone leading to diabetes. I am outraged! Both myself and my brother have now learned to live, and cope with this disease. We have excepted the fact that we will never again lead our once normal healthy lifestyle. We are however, horrified to have learned that this could have been prevented, with more research of this drug.I have decided to come forth with the information that I have gathered,in hopes to prevent this disease from spreading; due to lack of research and responsibility of the distributor’s of cortisone.
I am looking for others that have had this happen to them , and any solid proof that cortisone can cause diabetes,Any info will be greatly appreciated, sincerely Alexander hutchins my direct e mail diabetesresearch7281@yahoo.com

I feel bad that your brother and you may have had trouble with cortisone. Pricking a finger three times a day for blood and taking insulin twice a day is not so difficult if it allows one to live a healthy life. Many here know all about it and live normal healthy lives with it. Keep investigating and look for a lawyer. Best of luck to you.