Diabetes and hair loss

I've been t1 for 11 years now and have always had somewhat thin, baby fine hair. I was wondering if anybody had some useful tips on what vitamins or shampoos i should use. I currently take a hair skin and nails supplement containing biotin. I also only shampoo with non paraben and sulfate shampoos and i only shampoo every other day. But Im tired of being soo self conscious about my thin dull hair. PLEASE HELP!! Im only 22 and have tried countless things. nioxin? yes ovation? yes (complete waste of $100) etc. Any comments will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

I have suffered this for about 15 years, and I am Type ! and a lot older. No hairloss in my family (men OR women) at all, so I assume it is diabetes. It has gotten worse recently--last 7 years or so...

I can put up with a lot, but being a bald woman is not one of those. I have tried a hair product called THICK which works well.

However, as I am a little embarrassed, I started using Rogaine about 10 days ago. I am kind of desperate. They specifically make it for women, as the dose is lower. My hairdresser suggested it. Does it work? My existing already there hair seems fuller and it takes 8 weeks to see results, so I will get back to you....

here is frustration: DO WE NOT HAVE ENOUGH TO DEAL WITH?!?!?

I don't have hair loss but have always had fine thin hair. I also bleach my hair so I've always used good conditioners from the beauty supply store not the drugstore. I used to use Joico then they reduced their types and I switched to Enjoy. I used the volumizing conditioner. It's expensive but not $100-more like $40 for a liter. Beauty supply store staff are good at looking at your hair and making recommendations. I also only shampoo every other day.

I don't see any worsening of my thin hair since I got Type 1 6 years ago. For me it's just genetic.