Diabetes and LASIK Eye Surgey Do or Don't

I am curious about LASIK eye surgery. When I mentioned it to my eye doctor she was horrified and immediately told me no… I have done some research and it can be done on diabetics if they have glucose under control and will be fine, just like anything else people "prefer we don’t do"

Is my doctor just saying “No” because they don’t want to risk it? Or do they have legitimate reasons?

I remember years ago, diabetics weren’t supposed to do a lot of things, get tattoos, piercings, or even have children, now, we are doing all of the above. Is this just another milestone for us?

If anyone out there has had LASIK, your comments and advice would be greatly appreciated!

Or if you have spoken to your doctor about it, what were their comments?

I have not had LASIK, but am eating dinner with an optomitrist tonight, and will ask him. I have had cataract surgery, and it was no big deal.

That would be very much appreciated, thank you!!!

As the diabetic daughter of a man who went blind: One thing I DO NOT MESS WITH is my eyes. Frankly, the risk (in my opinion) far outweighs the benefit. I mean, you are literally slicing your eyeball open, shining a laser into it, and then praying infection doesn’t take hold. I would be terrified that even if my blood sugars were in control, the stress of the surgery/procedure itself could throw things out of whack. I don’t know. In my opinion, when doctors give you an emphatic NO, it’s for a good reason (usually) and it may not be you, it may be their own skill level. Plus the cost of litigation now a days…

I would be interested in what you find out, but for me, I NEVER do anything to my eyes, ever!

As a diabetic who has had nearly 36 laser treatments, and a vitrectomy (surgical procedure involving slicing open the eye, removing the vitreous liquid, replacing it with saline solution, and sewing the eyeball back up) for diabetic retinopathy with no infections, I’d say I don’t think it’s that much more risky for a diabetic than for a non-diabetic.

Oh by the way you can get antibiotic eyedrops post-surgery, which can help deter the risk of infections…I had these post-surgery when I had my vitrectomy…

Thank you very much.

I had laser surgery on my eyes about 8 years ago (this was before I was diabetic - if I was diabetic at that time, I didn’t know about it).

It was the best thing I ever did! I now have Superman eyes! LOL! Just make sure you get a really good doctor! I was lucky that one of the best in the US was in my city and a friend recommended them. I have 20/25 vision now. :slight_smile:

I don’t see why you couldn’t have it done - unless you have current eye issues from being diabetic that your doctor was worried about. They didn’t ask me if I was diabetic when I had mine done.

The only thing I could see is being so nervous before the procedure that your BG shoot up (or down!). They actually gave me a Valium before the procedure (which they offer to everyone if you want it to relax you - because hey it is your eyes!) and it didn’t work on me - I was that nervous!

But being able to see the clock without glasses for the first time was like being born again with new eyeballs! :slight_smile:

If you decide to do it, just to repeat - get a GOOD doctor with an awesome rep for this - don’t go for the cheapie, just to save money.

Oh, to add too, I think there are different types of laser surgery for eyes - I had the one where they actually cut the thin tissue on the top of the eye ball and they directly laser the cornea (or whateer part it is that they fix - I forget). I think this has the best results.