Diabetes and my inspiration Michael Jackson, how does it affect your sugars?

Never once did I think someone actually made that much of a difference in my life, now that Michael Jackson has died I realized how inspirational he was to me, I love to sing and dance because of him. When you perform you think of how he would do it and try to stand out like he did, he always kept me going with his music he made me dance and my sugars where never high. Whenever I would listen to Michael Jackson or watch him I would enter his world, there would be singing, dancing, performing and just enjoying every moment of his song, feeling the beats in my heart and just taking myself to that "Thriller", or becoming that "Smooth Criminal" and all i could think of was "Leave Me Alone", those were the moments that diabetes didn't matter, I didn't have it! Daibetes what? I didn't have a worry in the world, the world was mine and Michael Jacksons, think of how many people in this world he has touched. How many people have pulled through their illnesses because of his inspiration to keep you going and motivated, to make you feel better when you were down, and that is what we are going to miss most of all, his contribution to this world was incredible. I am not taking any insulin today, I am going to watch my sugars, but I am going to play all his music and videos, and sing and dance till my heart is content. Michael you are still here, in my heart. Thank you for some of the best moments in my life. Your songs will always bring me back to them. Thank you.

Hi Gabriel and thanks for the beautiful tribute to Michael. I am forty seven and not only did I too enjoy his music, but my brother and I were just reminiscing about watching the Jackson Five cartoon on Saturday mornings all those years ago. By the way, Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids were in thier too.

What you have also touched on is the effect that depression has on the way we look after ourselves. If I understand you correctly, you have said that you will not take any insulin today. For the record if you are in fact insulin dependant, then you MUST carry on as you have done previously. Watching your sugars is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY and you must also take the appropriate amount of insulin as well.

If you do not take insulin, it is very predictable that you will be watching the numbers on your meter go too high. I applaud you for reaching out and it would appear that some degree of depression is occuring. You are also correct that although we do not know why, music has a healing effect and is one of the best drugs, without side effects.

This is the time to vent, grieve and move on in your own time frame. Celebrate the life, and not the death of Michael and do whatever is necessary to keep your sugars in check. I strongly urge you to tell someone close to you exactly how you feel. Depression needs to be exposed for all that it can change, so we can change it back. You are not alone and ask yourself, what would Michael say to me right now? It is not a silly question and I think you know the answer.

Love Always
The Anonymous Diabetic.

P.S. Thanks for the black and white picture you have posted, it’s on my desktop right now. It reminds me of the Carly Simon song Anticipation where she sang, “These are the good old days” because they are as Van Halen pointed out “Right now”. Music and insulin, I need both!!!

“enjoy yourself” that’s what he has always said!

Go right ahead, (I am listening to “man in the mirror” right now) ; Step up to MJ’s beat and “… dance the night away” as Michael did in’“Rock with you’” But take your insulin, hon. We all miss Michael: He was a hero and a musical prodigy/ genius in my opinion as well. Gabriel, Please take care of your life today!!

Type One diabetic 41 years
Insulin Pumper since 2003
54 and still "fly"
God Bless you


Love Always
You know

As I am reading this, the song “You Are Not Alone” is playing, its a perfect song for everyone here in TuDiabetes.com