Special thanks to EVERYONE!

I would like to take this oppurtunity to thank everyone who have contributed to tudiabetes in one way or another. This would of course include thier honesty regarding thier levels of control, feelings of anger, frustration and absolute despair. It must also include the numbers on thier glucometers. I have never seen a high sugar on any commercial for a glucometer. This is simply not reality.

It is extremely important that both communities (diabetic/non diabetic) understand that although we are making a great deal of progress, there is a great deal of data that is yet unknown. Very little about diabetes is written in stone, and as a result we must be very careful regarding any comparisons we make colllectively, or individually.

Like it or not it is our job to to tell the public as gently as possible that the mandate (medicinal law if you will) of diabetes is to systematically destroy every major organ system in the body. We must also let them know that in a society that encourages eating disorders on every level, it is difficult to control at the best of times. No this is not pretty however, this is diabetes.

This February I will celebrate two anniversaries, I will be fifty years old and thirty eight years insulin dependant with absolutely no eye damage (whew). I have great support, have worked very hard and on some levels been very lucky. Some time ago I responded to a letter from Lise Van Delm, both of us crying at different times. She was right when she said we are here for each other and yes although unfortunate, a very special bond. We are in this together.

This is not Mission Impossible. It is our mission and yes, we will decide to accept it (ha ha). Roger Bannister broke a four minute mile and Obama’s President. Enough said? I will conclude by thanking everyone at tudiabetes for thier honesty, participation and leave you with a couple of quotes from Winston Churchill. “If your going through hell, keep going” and “Never surrender”!!!

Love Always
Anonymous Diabetic.

Hi Anon D, what a wonderful post! Thank you so much. Roger Bannister, President Obama…heroes. There will be more of them, there will be/are also people with diabetes who are also recognized as heroes. I think here on TuD we recognize our own folks who are everyday heroes, which is one of the great qualities of this site.

Hi Anonymous Diabetic,

Wow! Congratulations on your 50th birthday and celebrating 38 years with diabetes. It is impressive that you have managed to stay free of complications. I was lucky enough to celebrate my 50th birthday blissfully unaware of the diagnosis which was one month away. I can’t imagine coping with diabetes through the turbulent teen times. The various transitions at that age are tough enough!

I checked your page and noticed that you created several “Oprah” blogs. I’d love to read them. Could you please provide the link?