In the endless war. Is Sugar you enemy or your Ally?

I am proud of me cause even though I have diabetes I know I can still anjoy a Sweet life! smile

I love to say that and also to know that I am not the only one who thinks in that way, life as it is full of challenges and people with their very own and particular difficulties need to keep it positive because if not we would always be depressed.

You can't avoid challenges in your life and once you've taken a decision there's noway to look back. I like to think that even though It's a high or a low we always need to keep it up and not just for ourselves, for everyone who lives with and for us.

And if we think we fail in reaching a goal the best thing we can't do is keep fighting, even though that we as diabetics are fighting through an endless war, that's why we always need to get ready for the future cause time moves on so quickly that we need to go along with it, never letting anything slow us down and never stopping through our life.

So, we are the soldiers, Insulin our weapon and Sugar our...mmm...Ally? hhha! than who is our enemy? let me tell you that WE are our own enemy because if we don't act correctly, the weapon will not be useful. A soldier has to follow his or her own strategy to have it's enemy as an ally, in our cause a stategy would be a balanced diet and having or/and having an exercise routine.

Now, tell me is Sugar you enemy or your Ally? ha! :)

By the way...

I have been planning a big surprise coming up in the next few weeks for the team, I thought in making something that could be able to describe the team xD I just need to work on it! If you want to know what it is all about keep in touch! smile

nice article you sound like a strong person who knows what they want out of life, wish I could be like you with your attitude always been a worrier not one for change so thank you for a positive outlook on life