Diabetes and skin: I'm scared. Red dots on my legs

Hi Everyone,

A couple of days ago after a shower I noticed about 7 or 8 reddish dots on my left lower leg, none on the right one. I hadn't had a sore or scratch or anything of the sort, just these reddish dots showing up out of nowhere. Along with that I've been having a lot of muscle pain. Maybe "pain" isn't describing it accurately. Sorta twinges of muscle fatigue, I guess.

To start, I was diagnosed this past Sepr with T1 and am 45 years old. When I went to the podiatrist after the endo. he said everything was fine as far as my diabetes was concerned. The nerves were just fine. So what are these small red dots.

Anybody got a clue???

I'd appreciate the input so I dont have to be so nervous.

Thank You,

Hi Amy,

Based on your symptoms, it may be related to gluten intolerance or celiac disease. Check out www.celiac.com. Many people experience these same symptoms and T1 is at a high risk to develop. I think I have it and waiting test results.

Thanks for your response. I just read a little on the site you provided and it seems that the main symptom which would be something gastro, I dont have and it mentions nothing about the red dots. I have never even heard of this disease. Maybe you can elaborate?

Actually, I didnt think I had any gastro problems until I had some tests that revealed gluten intolerance. I have been following a gluten free diet for a few weeks and since, realized I had some issues. If you go to that site and look under dermatitis herm., you may find talk about red spots, or do a search on that site. I read quite a few report those symptoms. The thing Im finding everyone experiences different signs & symptoms. Also, some may be asymptomatic with celiac. Myself, I have muscle fatigue. There is a ton of info on that site. Being a T1 for 28 yrs, I never heard of it either until recently. Good luck

Yes, thank you, I have one set up already.

I am always outside. I’m a letter carrier. But these dots are on my lower leg and I wear long pants. I’ve been a letter carrier for about 23 years now and I’ve never had this before.

celiac disease is common in people with type 1. so is hypothyroidism (thyroid doesn’t produce enough hormones it is supposed to). I was dx’d type 1 when I was 15 (almost 9 years ago), hypothyroidism when I was 20 (almost 4 years ago) and I am currently in the process of being tested for celiac disease. so what is one more on my plate. I also have pretty bad acid reflux that has required a couple of surgeries, but that isn’t diabetes related.

are the bumps where you do your shots? I use a pump but get nasty red marks (because I am allergic to the tape) sometimes where my sites were. And if I am back on shots I get red bumps sometimes.

also, eczema maybe? It is the time of year for dry skin.

Maybe they’re just some little gnat bites or something. Just don’t scratch - might make everything worse.
Judging by all the responses here, it just confirms my awe that all of us pwd’s are so knowledgeable about a host of different medical symptoms and conditions… I guess it’s cuz we have to be. Bah humbug.
What a pain to have to spend $ to go to the doc for something that is probaby nothing. Yet, if you are anxious, then it’s the best thing to do and have it done with.


Google Cherry Hemangioma & Cherry Angioma for photos. These are small, bright red spots & completely benign. They usually show up on the trunk of the body, but can be on the legs. If this is what yours are, there’s nothing to worry about & they are unrelated to diabetes.

my guess? maybe razor bumps of some sorts? Maybe ant bites? I just got a tattoo so i have these little pimples that show up but go away later. Then again i shave my legs and get razor bumps and i have ants :frowning:

the bumps I get are diabetes related from shots or my pump. i’ve never had anything that looked like those before.

I’m not really sure, I can’t really tell from your description. It would be easier to help if you could take a picture to show us. Either way, look up necrobiosis lipodica diabecticorum, and see if any of those pictures look similar.

I don’t want to discourage you from participating in the forum, Amy, but I have to remark on your question.

This is why it’s unhelpful to seek a diagnosis in a social networking site. You’ve already got half a dozen diagnoses from people with no medical training, who haven’t seen you, haven’t seen your dots and know nothing about your medical history except that you have diabetes and are a mail carrier, female. I bet none of these diagnoses did anything but worry you even more than you already were.

See you doctor then tell us what he says, please.

There’s no reason to assume that every new medical condition that arises from now on is related to diabetes. We’re all still subject to the same medical issues as non-diabetics. I can still get a rash or break a bone and neither will be related to the fact that I’m T1.

The best use of this forum, IMHO, is to discuss what HAS happened to us as diabetics rather than to speculate with each other about what MIGHT be happening to us.

I’m just saying. Please let us know what your doctor says about the dots.


our fellow member here, Karen, has this condition, and wrote about it here

hi. I cant tell you what the red dots are but they might have been caused by whatever has been causing your twinges. In other words it could be just from bad circulation of the blood which could have caused the redness. i have twinges too. also it could be from the heat. if your doctor said not to worry- then dont. just keep an eye on them for a few days. all the best!

Hi Judith,
Thanks for your answer. When you say of course high bs could cause the redspots, please explain this further. Doesnt seem like a rash though. Theres only about 8 dots on my left lower leg and they dont itch at all.

Even though my podiatrist said I have good circulation on my feet and toes can I have bad circulation in my legs? Doesnt seem like that would make sense but who knows at this point? I haven’t had to shave my legs for years now. even before I was diagnosed I never had a lot of hair on my legs, I’m very fair, but I’ve heard with bad circulation your leg hair falls out and doesnt come back.

Thanks, Amy:)

You really do have a lot to deal with. Doesn’t look like eczema at all, no itch. And I always stick myself on the belly. What is celiac disease exactly? I’ve been hearing about it with this question I posted but it sems to me you’d have to have a stomach issue, which I dont.
Thanks, Amy:)

Thank you so much for your rsponse! I looked at the pix and read the articles and I dont think it’s that. But you were so great to respond. I learned something new today because of it.
Thank YOU!

LOL! You just cracked me up!!! I havent had to shave in years. All my leg hair (which was never much), have fallen out and never returned years ago. I’ve heard that when you have poor circulation from diabetes that happens. But my podiatrist said I have good circulation. So I dont know. Wouldnt I know it if some ants were crawling up my leg?? LOL!!! You’re funny.
Thanks, Amy:)

Thanks Marie,
Wow, thats awful!!! My few red dots arent nearly so bad. I hope really hope it’s not the beginnings of that awful disease. I will let everyone know when I find out what mine are. Maybe they’ll just up and go away?!
Thanks, Amy:)