Diabetes and the Flu

Hello Everyone - my husband and I have been struck with the worst flu we have ever had - the Dr. said it’s going around like crazy this holiday season - I was wondering what everyone out there does when they have the flu in terms of eating, keeping your glucose levels down and recovering quickly? Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Sorry you guys are sick, no fun. I had it on christmas day and only ate afew crackers and lots of water, and get lots of sleep if you can. I am on pills and couldn’t keep them down so my numbers were a little high but they did get better eventually. Diet ginger ale helps to in small sips. Stay in bed and if you can get waited on, go for it! I did and I kinda liked it. Hope you feel better soon.

Aw, I’m sorry to hear! Being sick sucks! Especially with diabetes bc it always throws things outta whack.

I have to increase my insulin: carb ratios when I’m sick.
My BG normally stays consistently in the 200s.
I am not hungry.

Drink lots of water, call your doc to see if you should increase your basal rate too- as my Endo asked me to increase my Levemir by 5 units while I was sick.

I typically will eat soup broth (no noodles as my BG suffers enough w/out adding complex carbs)
Lots and lots of water
Diet Arizona Iced Tea is really tasty and makes me feel better
Lots and lots of sleep

Get better soon!