My first sick day

I woke up this morning running a 100.2 fever, dizzy, and have a nasty sore throat. I’ve been trying to do just liquids, chicken broth, etc., but have been on a yo-yo of highs and lows. I know you’re supposed to take insulin, but I tried to cover my broth with just one unit and ended up in the 50’s. I’ve taken my Lantus and was maintaining fairly well until I tried to eat. My mother, she’s an RN, is concerned because of the swine flu, but I think I’m just sick with the regular flu.

Should I try to cover my little bit of carbs that I’m consuming or just say to hell with it and just take my Lantus? I’ve been testing a little more and since I’ve corrected my last low I’ve been pretty much right below 200. Anything over 250, I’m supposed to call in, but when do you just throw the towel in and say it’s time to call or go in?


In My opinion Your mom and Dave are right…Call your doctor… never take a chance with diabetes. Better to be safe than sorry…Take care…God Bless

I’m supposed to call in anything over 250… which would be just about every freaking day! I haven’t been sick yet so I’m not sure what they want me to do… I’m more than likely going to try to get in today, if not I know I can get in tomorrow.

Sorry you are feeling bad Elizabeth. I wish I could offer some wonderfully ingenius advice, but alas, I’m a newbie to this stuff. I do hope you start feeling better though.

I worry about you not taking insulin to cover the carbs you are consuming. When you’re sick, your #'s tend to run higher, anyway, so, it’s easier to develop ketones, and if your #'s are running high and you’re not covering for the food you eat (even if it’s a little) you risk going into DKA. Definitely talk with your doctor. They may be able to give you “sick day” guidelines to follow.

Feel better soon!

Call your doctor. I inject when I’m sick even if I’m not eating much because of high BG with illness. Test frequently. The combo of high BG & being sick makes you feel worse.

High BG also slows down recovery.

I would call the doctor. I know that the flu virus is going around were I live right now. Doctors are not testing for the swine flu unless you are pregnant because they are afraid of running out of the tests. My household has the flu right now.