Diabetes and travel insurance

Sorry for so many questions but I am like a dry sponge for information having found this site.
I am travelling to the USA (if my sister will still let me - she does not want me there if I suffer a diabetic episode!) and wonder if anyone in the UK could recommend a company that will insure me at a reasonable rate!?
Anyone been there? I am struggling to find a quote.
Thanks in advance. Addresses, tels, websites. Would be grateful for anything!

Are you coming on just a holiday?. You can try www.CSA.com as well as WWW.insuremytrip.com which will have comparisons of different companies. Make sure you get a policy with pre existing coverage. With any travel insurance you will likely have to pay out of pocket for any care and then get reimbursed after. I am not sure if these specific sites sell policies to UK customers, but if they don’t I am sure you can find similar UK sites via a web search.

If you are staying here longer term, I am not sure how long these policies will cover you for, and if they won’t it would be quite expensive.to get any type of major.medical insurance coverage here especially with pre existing diabetes.

Hello, I think I can help...

I'm a Type 1 diabetic from the UK. Last year I went on a large trip around Australia, 3 months in total. It was great! Anyway, long story short, I found it hard to find good diabetes cover without that massive charge they seem to place on top of every policy. The diabetic excess I call it.... Which frankly, as a diabetic with a very manageable condition, seems unfair. Well, after a few days of hunting a found an excellent company who offered what I needed, so I signed up.

Then on my return I thought, why not set up a small website to help diabetics in this position, like you and me, offering some details of this policy and with a discount too... which is what I did! So please feel free to take a look. The insurer is World-First, but if you buy the policy through my site, you'll get 10% off. No pressure as I dont want to seem like I'm doing an advert and all that... I just thought, as one diabetic to another, it might be of interest.


Please feel free to email me off the site of leave a reply if you have any questions of need an further help.