Insurance coverage in the UK

I'm an American looking to find out how health coverage for Diabetes works in the UK. I've just begun giving serious thought to moving there but I like to cover all my bases so any information (detailed preferably) you can give would be appreciated. Obviously, being that Diabetes is basically my life, if it would be harder to get treatment over there it would be a huge factor in my final decision. I'm a T1D and currently use a Dexcom CGM and and Omnipod pump. Information about those coverages specifically would be extra helpful. Thanks!

Hi I'm from Isle of Man (near UK) and we use NHS (National Health Service) here and UK uses it too. Albeit I think they are privatising it all soon which I am not too happy about but hey ho. Maybe you could check with your current insurance company to see if they cover you for a period travelling and then sort out all medical aspects when you arrive. Albeit the NHS is a bit of a mess so be warned. We have what is known as 'a postcode lottery' which basically means some people get better treatment than others depending on where they live. I think if you come and work you will automatically get NHS treatment. If however you wish to have private insurance as you have in US then I'm sure there are a large number of insurance companies that deal with that. I don't know about the cost of it though and I don't know who exactly... possibly Bupa or Alliance Healthcare UK or someone. Hope that helps.