Diabetes Annual Checks

I have had these done before but each time it is different. I am type 1 and am due for my annual check this Thursday. What should be covered in these checks. Thanks

Do you mean an annual physical - which is something non-D people get as well. There is really not anything called a "diabetes annual check". Usually people get A1C's every six months if that's what you are referring to.

I have recently moved from the UK to NZ and every diabetic over here gets a free annual check up. In the uk medical is free on the nhs so would go get my feet pulses checked, my blood tests done, weight, blood pressure, but can't remember my heart being checked. I have been given my blood test results by the lab first before seeing the doctor so know my cholesterol is a little high. Just wondered what other peoples experience is and if they are happy with what is checked.

I unfortunately am at the doctor's periodically for one thing or another and so don't need to do any kind of annual check. For A1C I think every 6 months is better and I either have the doctor order it or do a home test. In the U.S. it's not that formal (because nobody's giving us anything free!) but generally your regular doctor will ask you to do blood work if you haven't done it in a year (and they are organized enough to notify you!)

Don't forget eyes.

I have my eyes checked once a year by an ophthalmologist not my regular doctor.

All of the above PLUS:
lipid panel (cholesterol, etc)
thyroid panel (check for other autoimmune problems, thyroid problems, etc)
metabolic panel
feet sensation - check for neuropathy onset
autonomic nervous system responses - check for gastroparesis, heart rate changes with breathing ,etc (check for autonomic neuropathy)

check for microalbumin in urine (kidneys)

If I have data from my GP's physical then I supply that to my endo and she dosn't have to repeat the tests.

Same as Zoe, I have annual eye exams with my ophthamologist, but she takes a peek at the retinas too.

I get checked 4 times a year.
In that we go over insulin, basal needs go over pump stuff. A1c, lipids, kidney tests and blood pressure are all talked about as well as aspirin and possible kidney/ blood pressure drugs and statins.
Exercise and insulin resistance.
Your doc should also check your feet, and that you can feel the little ticklers on different spots.

Once a year I have a treadmill test done with 3 lead eeg attached. I've been doing that since I turned 40, But I think I could possibly do without it.

Either my doctor is vigilant or I’m wasting my time, but I see my doctor every 4 months since I first started meeting with him when I was only prediabetic. He does all the tests below and we go over the test. He’s helped me deal with my issues with my bp, migraines, and depression through the eyes of a diabetic lens. But the way I figure things can change in 4 months and having diabetes can change other body systems without us realizing it. I just got diagnosed with a fatty liver when I went in for a gall bladder check because I had complained of bad heartburn. Now my doctor is keeping a closer eye on my liver enzymes, which he had already been doing. He did say that this fatty liver is nothing to worry about because all my other labs come out good. I’ve been dx with t2 since March and my a1c has dropped each time. I wouldn’t feel comfortable meeting with my dr less than 2 times a year.

Oh yes and I have a retinal photograph taken every year to look for retinopathy.But that id not done with my reg. Endo , He does get the results though.