Routine Checkups


just wondering what sort of general check ups people do / what blood work and at what intervals for health monitoring.... assuming no obvious problems... aside from D (and in my case thyroid). I know hba1c should be fairly regular - 6 or so months?

Is it affected by age, ie. start doing certain things at certain age? Or just do stuff just because one has Diabetes? Kidney function? Lipid profile?

I have never had a Diabetes related eye exam... am about 6 years in now, so maybe I need to specifically ask for this? I don't have a Dr specifically looking after me now, but will see my GP next week and am wondering what the "standard of care" should be.


I guess some of this really depends on whether you are under the care of an endo. I have an endo I see every three months and I ask my endo to take care of all my diabetes monitoring and keeping an eye on any hormone or endochrine problems.

I try to go to my GP for an annual physical, there will be a standard portfolio of things they will check, some of which may well be redundant with what the endo checks. Depending on how well they share information the GP will sometimes repeat tests. I have my GP check certain other health issues not directly related to diabetes, like my nerve problems and sleep disorder. I also turn to my GP for any acute health issues like flu and all those accidents I have cause I am clumsy, male and stupid.

Here is what I do:

- Every year, I have a standard physical exam with my Primary Care Physician (PCP). She is responsible for my whole person.
- Every 3 Months, I see my Endo. He is responsible for all prescriptions and blood tests (A1C (Quarterly) and the standard annual tests - Cholesterol, Blood Count, Lipid Panel, Chemistry Panel (20), etc.) These results are also sent to my PCP.
- Annually, I see an eye doctor, where we do a full 15 to 30 minute dilation exam of my eyes and retinas.
- I also see an ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) totally unrelated to D, but every 6 months.
- I see a podiatrist once a year, where we check my feet and toes for any problems. I work on a concrete floor and walk a ton, so this is crucial to my daily life.

- I see a dentist every 6 months for standard cleaning and x-rays.

Each physician I see, specialist or otherwise, is responsible for sending my PCP a letter indicating any issues, concerns, or good news. This way, I ensure consistent care.

My usual deal:

-Endocrinologist every 3 months, he's also my primary care provider. A1C every 3 months, cholesterol every year, that's all I know for sure. I think my thyroid might get tested pretty frequently too as it's been something we've wondered about but I've always had normal levels.

-Eye doctor every year.

-Dentist every 6 months (I'm going next week in