Yearly Diabetic Blood Work - What should be tested?

Ok, so I am due to go for my yearly blood work (or so they tell me I supposed to have done).

I made an appt with my low cost clinic to go in but she asked me whether or not I was supposed to see the dr. or not and I wasn’t sure so I think I am just scheduled for them to draw blood and than maybe I go in to discuss the results after??

I was wondering how everyone elses usually goes. This is my first year doing this except for the initial blood work they did on me which was for liver, kidneys, c-peptide and A1C (might have been some other stuff too but I cant remember).

Anyhow, I am a Type 2 (well a Type “Weird” really but…) and I have been on Met for a year. What would they normally check for one these yearly blood panel? I would definately like the c-peptide checked for sure and I am guessing liver since Met works on the liver.

Btw, this is NOT an endo (can’t afford that - no insurance) just a clinic appt. Of course, the chick making the appts is always clueless (and sort of rude) but just want to make sure I get the right stuff checked.

What is normal to have tested every year that is most important?

Liver, Kidneys, Electrolytes, thyroid, c-peptide, A1C…I will go pull my labs out and make sure theres nothin I’m forgetting. Good luck! Let us know your results!

Thanks Lil Mama!

I don’t think they tested my thyroid last year but I did get it tested separately a few month back - I could never get anyone to call me back for the results though! I’ll find out when I go next week than probably. Do remember Kidneys, liver, c-peptide and of course A1C. Wasn’t sure if I am forgetting anything since I never got to see my original labs. I think they took 4 vials of blood.

Cholesterol and CBC are also basic ones. You should get your Vit B checked because Met can deplete that. You should get D, Iron & Ferritin (I am not sure I spelled that right & too lazy to pull out my labs!).