Diabetes Awareness Week, July 19-26, 2009

I was invited to judge an contest for Johnson and Johnson, as one of their contributing activities for the 17th Diabetes Awareness Week Celebration ( July 19-26, 2009) held in SM Mall of Asia, July 19, 2009. The contest was entitled “Word in Hand” This being an original concept of DHF, Johnson and Johnson Philippines, contacted DHF for permission to use “Word in Hand” for their activities. Manny Hernandez (DHF Founder) agreed, and as a courtesy, I was invited to judge J&J’s Word in Hand contest. Out of 200+ hand photos, I was only able to select six, three of which would One Touch Ultra Easy glucometers. Also, I was given a chance to speak about the TuDiabetes community and we stand to do. As I could attest myself, and according to the J&J managers, the project was a success!

The Diabetes Awareness Week in the Philippines is now on it’s 17th year. But as Dr. Augusto Litonjua (Lead Organizer) said, it is alarming that people developing diabetes increase in number, and become younger. A lot has been done to educate people as to how we can prevent diabetes, and how to live with diabetes. Sadly, so much more remains to be done.

The DHF and TuDiabetes.com is one with the world with these goals.


Here is the link for some photos I took from the said event:


Great news! You are doing wonderful work!!

Well, Kristin, just doing what I should have been doing. But thanks a bunch! I did upload a short video from the said event.

Diabetes awareness is very important in the Philippines, Jovanni. I am happy that there are activities such as that deals with diabetes education. I know that government funding is very limited and I am greatful to organizations like this that shows urgent concern.Many old folklores and erroneous beliefs are still practised. I recently went to a popular fastfood chain there and was amazed that they dont even have any sweeteners for coffee except for regular sugar. Personally, I would like to thank you for your dedication. God bless…

Thank you so much Jovanni! This is great!