Your favorite diabetes awareness program on TuDiabetes: why?

This week our fundraising campaign will be focused on our diabetes awareness programs. We would like to know which is your favorite diabetes awareness program on Tudiabetes and why.

With the participation of our members, we’ve developed diabetes awareness initiatives such as:
* Word In Your Hand

* Drawing Diabetes

* Diabetes Supplies Art

* No-Sugar Added Poetry

and, with the collaboration of thousands of others (members and other people touched by diabetes):
* The 14,000 People With Diabetes Test-in:

I love all of them, but I specially like Diabetes Supplies Art, since it is all about thinking on creative ways to re-use “used” supplies and express yourself.


i have not done it. But i love the “Word In Your Hand” promotion.

rick phillips

Tough choice because they’re all good. Am trying to think not which one I personally like the best, but which has the most impact towards the goal of raising awareness. Drawing Diabetes & Word In Your Hand make powerful statements. Word In Your Hand gets my vote for uniqueness & how up close & personal the individual entries are.

I agree with Rick and Gerri…Word In Your Hand,so personal and sincere. I finally did mine. Poetry gets second.!.

It seems Word In Your Hands is most people’s favorite. For those persons who may not have seen it, here are the videos we’ve created around it:

Do I have to choose?

Word in Your Hand is unique and very moving.

I loved the test-in: watching and hearing from people with diabetes from all over the globe who were willing and thrilling to share something we so often do in loneliness.

Thanks for all the efforts and kudos to those people who participate!