Diabetes Bag

I recently bought a bag at an outdoors store for my diabetes supplies. Using the OmniPod system, I always carry the following:

2 backup OmniPods

a vial of insulin

my blood sugar checker, lancing device, and test strips

2 syringes

an extra battery

candy and 2 Kashi granola bars


one dollar bills

What do you guys carry? Is there anything else that I should include? I love this bag. It has a shoulder strap, so I take it everywhere, including into stores. With the weather warming up, it will be easy to carry along when I ride my bike. Should I throw in a glucagon kit?

I would carry some glucose tablets and/or glucose gel (I like Level Life gel). Also, drop in a business card or other printed information with your details in case you lose your bag.

What brand of bag do you have? I'd like to see it. I cram all of my supplies into my pockets which is uncomfortable. The PDM is bulky.

Personally, I would seldom if ever trust anyone to give me a shot of glucagon, except a medically trained professional. Reason being, I had someone stab me in the leg with one, and bend the needle inside the muscle... it was very painful for weeks afterwards.

Otherwise it sounds like you have the basics, so not sure if there is truly anything else you need with it. Maybe something to keep it a bit cooler in warmer weather, one of those blue ice pack things, the small ones that can be difficult to find, but I prefer to keep something cool around the insulin, and/or any food stuffs I may carry with me. I ALWAYS keep some of those glucose tablets with me too, they come in a 10 piece dispenser type pack, about twice the length of a bottle of insulin, so pretty small in reality. Worst case, throw a few of the tablets in a ziploc baggie and keep it in the bag. Downside to ziploc is the glucose tabs are fragile and will turn to powder if they are beat up any, and everything always ends up getting a bit beatup in those carry bags.

Instead of carrying back kup OmniPods I carry Novologue pen and a a couple of needles. I find that easier for a backup for pod failure. I can carry them in my pocket with life savers ( candy ). The only thing I cannot easily carry is the glucomator ( I usually leave it in the car )

I have a small lowepro camera bag that works good for me , I have a keytone meter spare lancing device swabs , skin tac and resolve wipes and a handy little waterproof case in case I get stuck in the rain , I usually have 4 spare pods with me , plus the stuff you already mentioned

This little golf pouch works for me: http://www.amazon.com/Storage-Pouch-Carabiner-Multiple-Pockets/dp/B00C81IL6Y/ref=sr_1_3?s=sporting-goods

The only thing I cannot easily carry is the glucomator ( I usually leave it in the car )
One of my many meters. I actually have two of these (they're so cheap). The meter is the bottle cap, so it's pretty much like carrying around a bottle of test strips in your pocket.