Travelling with the Omnipod....can I bring all my pump supplies for one month in a carry-on and not worry about being hassled by security?

Just started the Omnipod a few weeks ago and although I’ve had to replace early several times due to bad locations, I’m really having great numbers (ave. for 30 days = 130, with 10% above my goal of 180 and 3% below my goal of 70) and my biggest problem, low blood sugars during the night due to the unpredictability of Lantus, has been basically SOLVED.

Here’s my question, though. I’m going away for the month of August, several plane trips, and I want to know if anyone has experience carrying extensive pump supplies IN CARRY-ON luggage. I’m worried about being hassled by security.

I am hoping to avoid as many suitcase fees as possible, and just realized as I pack that I’ll be bringing 20 pods, and tons of other little things, in my carryon pack.

Any recommendations?

thank you !

Yes. Definitely. I only carry my supplies in my carry-on (I’d hate to get somewhere and not have insulin and/or syringes and/or pods, etc).
I carry it all in a small bag (up to 7-8 pods sometimes, occasionally a CGM sensor, syringes, alc pads, bandaids, etc) and I’ve never had one person ask me anything about them. If I walk through a body scanner (rather than a metal detector) I tell the TSA official I’m wearing a pump and where it’s at (point to it), but other than that, I’ve not had any issues w/ the carry-on supplies. Hope you have a great trip!!

I agree with Bradford, you shouldnt have any problems. I have traveled quite extensively (worldwide) and always carry my diabetic supplies in my carry on (for many reasons), the one thing I DO suggest is carrying a letter from your doc or CNE stating the necessity of the equipment. I have had to show my letter two times…other than that, though, you should be fine!

I have never had a problem flying. I would put any insulin (liquid) and needles that you carry as backup in a separate bag and let it run through the scanner. I keep mine in a closed bag and have never had an issue. Only once someone asked if it was medication but they didn’t question further or open the bag. I would just leave the pods in your carryon. Have a wonderful trip.

We didn’t have any issues with having extra supplies on our carry on. In fact, no one even asked about it as it went through security.

The one thing we did learn is to bring a copy of all your PDM settings. My sons PDM malfunctioned the first night and we had to reset it - lost all his settings. Took 3 hours on the phone with Insulet trying to recreate them!! Enjoy your trip!

Great advice! Just like carrying copies of your passport and credit cards. I will put that with my travel stuff pronto…thanks.

I have NEVER had trouble on an airline…It doesn’t seem to set anything off on security, and it just passes through in my carry on…

PS… I also carry a letter from my Endo with an explanation just in case. Have never needed it…

I only do carry-on and I’ve never had any problems with security. I’m making my first international trip since diagnosis this coming weekend and have a doctor’s note just to be safe.

Remember that you are allowed an extra carry-on bag for your medical (diabetic) supplies.

Wow, thanks everyone for the great advice:)
I’ve traveled a lot (around the world many times in lots of countries) since getting diabetes 35 years ago, and never had any problems either with airport security (some US border guards coming in from Canada once thought a bag of extra lancets were some kind of exotic pill stash—easily proven wrong)

But I freaked out when i looked at this pile of 20 insulin pods that I was about to stuff into a red plastic bag, and with all the new restrictions that get thrown in every time some new jerk gets caught trying something, I imagined myself trying to explain to some paranoid on a power trip that, no, they are not little time bombs…

it’s just so much more stuff than I’m used to bringing on a trip…to be safe, I think I’ll bring some of them in the original box

I didn’t know you were allowed an extra carry-on for med supplies …is that really true?


I didn’t know you could take an extra carry-on for med supplies either!

I can’t add to what the others have said but wanted to say congrats on your success!

I’ve been carrying on 3 bags since I was diagnosed 11/08 and I’ve never had any problems. (Delta’s policy is stated here: I make sure my 3rd bag fits the carry-on requirements and holds just my medical supplies and snacks/juice boxes so I don’t abuse the privilege.

I was so nervous flying my first time I talked to almost every TSA person in the check point area (It’s a small airport.) One of the agents said “you know you can bring a cooler with juice boxes if you want”. I’ve carried a juice box through security every time since (as a “just in case” after reading one of Kerri’s blogs) and no one has ever asked questions.

Again, no worries, Jay. After 20 years of toting my insulin pump and supplies through security, the only trouble I have encountered is my MiniMed insulin pump (which I no longer use now that I’m an OmniPodder) going off in the metal scan. I simply pulled the pump out of my pocket, and that ended all questions. I have never had even a second look at anything I’ve put through the scanner, including an entire box of pods.

The ADA has a great flyer on air travel with diabetes and the TSA policies regarding the same:

In case anyone is interested about the TSA’s insulin pump policy from an official TSA page, it appears here:

In case anyone is interested about the TSA’s liquids policy from an official TSA page, it appears here:

Have a great August!

Now…there’s a man with alot of info! Thanks, Jaybear!

I wouldn’t worry about getting through security. The only other tip I can think of is to allow extra time to clear security just in case you get the wrong agent and get delayed.

I recently flew round trip from Boston to Atlanta. I always need to get ‘hand canceled’ because I’ve got a hip replacement that sets off the scanner. They wanded me down in Boston, the pump made the wand ‘beep’ but I showed the pod to the the TSA agent, and all was well. I do recommend having it on in an accessible place!

I didn’t exactly have a problem returning from Atlanta, but when I showed the agent the pod, she said she had to swab it ?!?! I asked swab it for what? Explosives she said. Said they always have to swab insulin pumps. She wiped it down with something, and I was on my way.

I had bizarre visions of an OmniPod packed with C4 all the way home. Anyone else had that happen? Is that really policy, or did I just run into an over-the-top agent?

The only thing I ever had swabbed was my laptop. My wierdest experience was having to start up my laptop at Washington Dulles in 1998!