Diabetes Blog

So after reading Manny’s blog–I will try to post here more often

Right now I am fighting off something. BG on a rollercoaster (from 49-290 and everything in beteween more than once in the last couple of days) …felt like crap the last 2 days–giving in and going to doc tomorrow.

I’d rather be working on Christmas presents–more washing, ironing, cutting, sewing and quilting to do!
Working on my to-dos for the grandaughter (that list will never end I know–yes I am one of those grandmas–and love every minuiter of it!)
I’d rather be building my orc amy for Warhammer 40K
I’'d rather be practicing the guitar

But I think I shall go to bed and try to sleep and keep fighting whatever this is that is trying to get me (no fever so I do not think it is the flu…but…)

And try to ignor the white frozen rain outside that is NOT supposed to happen until holloween…and hope there is no mopre of it in the morning than ther is now. (yes hope springs eternal)