If we make it to December?


I don't know how long I will get to write. The princess is really demanding my attention. We have "played" dentist this morning and I think if she could have she would have pulled my teeth out! yesterday our hot water heater went out, but at least we have toilet paper<giggle> so now we are awaiting a phone call from the contractor. I go to the endo tommorrow and i am scared. My last a1c was 5.7...great right I have a feeling it's not gonna be so great this time :( my bloodsugars have been all over the board i will be lucky to walk away with a 7 and I don't think i have lost anymore weight...oh well. the food was good when i was eating. ok i am gonna have to maybr i cab write later. Presley is wanting me to hold her. Just wanted to say hi to my new friends on tudiabetes. laters.miranda


Hey–wanted to add…i hate the follow up (3 months later) with the Endo after a great A1C… my last was excellent for me at 6.6—i usually am closer to 7.0…so now, although i am dying to know my a1c…i hesitate to make the appt, becuz i don’t want to be higher that 6.6— i have had many many fewer really highs—(over 300) which is great…but i fell like i have been hanging out at 200 more often…