Diabetes Burn-Out

I have had diabetes since 1998 (10years) and have been on a MM 722 pump since April 2007.

I AM SICK OF DIABETES!!! Has anyone else had a burn-out from diabetes? I just want to take a brake with out putting my self on a death bed. I wish I had just one day where I did not have to worry what my blood sugar was. If I have enough supplies for the day when I leave the house. If I should take some syringes in case my pump fails.

Then we have the insurance company that will do anything to get out of paying for my diabetes. I just want time with out any of that.

How do you get over this burn-out?!?!

I have ben a Diabetic for about 35 years! I have gone through many burn outs through my life. I think everyone does go through that once in a while. Some how I just get through it, but honestly I AM ALWAYS SICK OF DIABETES!!!

I have been doing this for 41 years and I truly believe it was easier when I was working in the dark, meaning shooting up twice a day and just eating when I felt hungry. I had no meter to test my bgs and pretty much, after many trips to ER when first diagnosed, just did my thing, not really knowing the consequences of not having good or bad bgs.

I think with the more intense therapy of pumping, testing, and now with the CGMS things are somehow harder and with more knowledge comes the burnout.

Hope that makes sense, but to me with tighter control, comes burnout. I think I felt more freedom dealing with the unknown. Of course now I have the, what if syndrome, of how my life would be if I would have had tight control my whole diabetic life.

I know this does not help your situation, but just thought I would add my take on things.

Hang in there and quit logging for awhile to ease some of the burden and just deal with your current bgs.

I have been a type 1 for 22 years and kiss the ground I walk on that I am still heathly.Try not to let it get you down.When I think of the other diseases that are out there I am glad that I have some control over it.Diabetes isn’t a deathbed although sometimes it can feel that way.

I agree with Karen D. —i feel more frustration with my CGM than b4 it. But I try to dwell on the positives—I was 4 years old when i was diagnosed 33 years ago ----- a life time of complication free diabetes—for this, I am grateful.
Believe me – i get real tired of it at times…(especially when i want to throw back a pitcher of Margarita’s or have a 4th beer—or when we have dinner plans and my BS is 300 and i just can’t eat)—but for the most part, Diabetes is just a small part of everything else I have going on.

Chuck Lin just posted a discussion titled: Balance between life and living - overall message—
“Quit Dying and Start Living”

I think i do that already—but it was a good read.

Hang in there—