Diabetes complications and pregnancy

I have Type 1 and have stage 3 kidney disease, and high blood pressure. im wondering if any of you females out there have been in the same boat as me and have had children??? im not even sure that i want kids yet but would like to know if its even an option. Ive been getting a little discouraged and afraid that because of all my health problems, pregnancy and parenthood will simply not be an option for me....can somebody help me out???

thanks a bunch!!

If you are thinking about having children, you want to get your A1C at 6 or less. Get a pump and a cgm, test, test, test, and limit carbs until your numbers are good. Fin a high risk pregnancy, diabetologist who can assess your bp and kidney status currently. When I became pregnant, it was not planned, my doctors wanted me to terminate the pregnancy. I was 32, a diabetic for 22 years, uncontrolled for years, but very strong willed. I had severe retinopathy 10 years prior, but kidneys were in good shape. I developed toxicema in the 6th month, and they took our baby at 8 months due to losing his heartbeat. After birth, his blood sugar dropped and he went into seizure, despite me repetitively insisting they start a glucose iv as soon as he was delivered. The result: hypotonic muscle syndrome, and other neurologiccal disorders which have been difficult to handle. You must also remember that you need to stay healthy for at least 18 years post birth to raise your child, and pregnancy puts great strain on kidneys and eyes. This is not to say you can't have a child. But get controlled first, speak to medical professionals who have expertise with diabetic pregnancies, and do what it takes to get and maintain control for yourself and your baby. By the way, my son is 18, he is doing well as I am. He is the best thing in my life.

thank u very much for ur advice. i have rhetinopathy too but mine was the beginning stages when they caught it.im trhing not to get discouraged but its becoming really difficult. my husband doesnt kno if we shud even try becuz he doesnt want to put me thru all the health issues that wud be made worse w pregnancy. but then i doubt we cud adopt either becuz nobody is going to want to give sumone w my health problems a child. but again thank u so much for sharing ur story. i really appreciate it