Diabetes covered under the ADA?

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I am a bit confused by your statement @Bionic_Referee. I am under the impression that the ADA does not have a list of diseases covered, but a definition of what constitutes a disability and diabetes meets the definition.

Indeed, aren’t Section 504 plans a part of the ADA?

Also, here are a couple of useful links. The first is a [Q&A from the EEOC].1

The second is from the Job Accommodation Network speaking to diabetes in the workplace.

Diabetes is definitely covered under the ADA.

Diabetes is explicitly covered thanks to the “Americans With Disabilities Amendment Act”: http://www.diabetes.org/living-with-diabetes/know-your-rights/discrimination/employment-discrimination/americans-with-disabilities-act-amendments-act/

Prior to the amendment, employers, schools, public venues, agencies, governments etc would argue that those who take good control of their diabetes are not covered because they do not have a disability.

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YogaO, I’m not an attorney and haven’t had need of this section, but I’m basing my comment on info I got from my daughter, a health care attorney, who advised that some court rules diabetes is not covered under the ADA. She’ll be here this weekend and I’ll ask her about it. I’m more concerned about Medicare coverage of CGMs. Got mine covered, again, More later