Diagnosis Anniversary

I’m coming up on my 1 year anniversary of being diagnosed with type 1. I was diagnosed August 17th, 2008. worst. day. ever. ha! i know you guys understand.

anyways… i don’t want to forget about that day. i never will, and i want to do something with my family to remember it. do you guys “celebrate/mourn” on your anniversary? what do you do? i’m not sure, yet, what i want to do.

Congratulations on making it this far! I’m sure it has been an … interesting … year.

I don’t actually know my exact anniversary date (keep forgetting to ask my mom). I do know it was the autumn of my 4th year.

Rather than celebrating my D-day, I celebrate my A1Cs. As in buy myself a present or treat myself to a movie or something else pleasant and non-food related. Even if the A1C is not so great. Because I still work hard at my diabetes even when my numbers aren’t stellar!

I hope you do something fun for your D-day.

Yes, I always ‘celebrate’. On my 5th anniversary, I went out to dinner. This year I just wrote a blog post about it. But I always try to mark it in some way!

June 24th, 2003 was mine. I had a diabetes party with some friends, a day to remember it by with happy memories.

Congrats on making it through the first year!

Hi Emily, my first is coming up as well Aug 18. I’m using the date I was told. Dr called Sun and said that he needed to see me first thing Mon morning in the office. I have been working on a, my first actually, blog post to put up on what I have learned in my first year in the hopes that it may shorten someone else learning curve.

Dave, the blog post sounds like an excellent idea. I struggled so much at first and was so scared. I lost 21 pounds in the first 3 weeks, because I didn’t know what to eat, so I ate hardly anything. I will have one year in January, 2009.

I don’t know what I will do for my aniversary date since it is one day before my birthday. It did ruin my birthday last year, I didn’t even have any cake or icecream, because I didn’t know what I could eat.

Mine is 2 weeks before my birthday and it still ruined my birthday! I have " celebrated" my monthly anniversaries so far… Usually by going out with friends to our favorite local bar and having a couple to blow off steam and stress that comes with this!!!

I was diagnosed last July and was completely shocked at age 41 to hear the news! When the doctor called and told me that my BG was 556 I put down my ice cream with hot fudge and asked, " Well, what is supposed to be? " The doctor told me it was supposed to be under 100 and I asked what did it mean then. He said that I was diabetic! I was clueless about diabetes.
I know that one thing I can do each year to mark my anniversary is to try and educate someone about the disease.

When I was a kid, I used to get an ice cream cone every July 2nd. Now, 19 years later, the day sometimes passes without my notice, but when I do think of it, I always try to take notice of where I am in my life with diabetes and how far I’ve come over the years…and skip the soft serve.

Im going to have my second anniversary this August 24th. I have mixed feelings for it.

I cannot discount the fact that I felt really bad then because of my ignorance and my hard headedness…I displayed the classic symptoms but I refused to accept since I didnt have the “stereotyped” characteristics. I felt bad because I made my family worry about me. I felt bad because there are restrictions set forth, disciplines I have to follow, control I have to implement, perhaps for the rest of my life. And yet there were so many rewards too that I have to celebrate. I learn to value life and living, I learned so much about my body and its functions and limitations. I learned the importance of healthy food and exercising. I learned to value my family more and appreciate beauty around me, And, I woudnt have found this site and the wonderful people here!

Hmmm…Maybe I should do something special on the 24th.

Best wishes to you Emily.

February 8, 1993. I usually sort of remember, as in, for the weeks heading up, I think, “It’ll be 16 years with diabetes in a couple weeks.” But then, on the day, I usually forget. Or maybe, I remember, but, only in passing. Maybe on my 20th anniversary, I’ll do something.

HONESTLY, I have been D for almost 18 years this October 10th, 10 days before my 25th birthday and I have never done anything to celebrate or mourn, I did just recently find my date of diagnoses and actually never thought to celebrate untill I found TU D. This year I will have a big celebration, I will be participating in the JDRF’s walk to cure Diabetes and in Kansas this year it is on the 10th of October, So I will have many people to celebrate with…

Congrats on your 1 year

This is an interesting coincidence, mine is 5 days before my birthday.

My anniversary is January 24th, 2005. I “celebrate” the day with my birthday, which is January 25th.

I was diagnosed St. Patrick’s Day 1993. So I always remember… and I dont wear green. I dont really do anything, but my hubby has bought be flowers since we have been married. He knows it is a big day, good or bad.

This is wierd, mine is ten days before my birthday. celebrated 43 yrs this past march . seems alot of people get the D close to their B-day.

My 30th will be August 29th. I have never celebrated/mourned before but I am thinking of throwing a party this time. The doc was nice enough to tell me to expect to live about 20 years, HAH! Showed him! Anyway, I think we should celebrate/mourn. It is a day to remember, maybe not fondly, but remember.

Celebrate, go out to eat, something. Make every anniversary day a fun day, unlike the other memories of that day.

I always had an easy way to remember my Type 1 diagnosis day, at least before I grew up and left home. I was taken to the hospital the morning of my Mom’s birthday, definitely ruined it for her that year. It also got a little better when I woke up 2.5 days later once they got my electrolytes back up to working level.
Mind you that WAS 53 years ago, April 9, 1956.

My diagnosis date was May 21, 1972. I never celebrated until I hit the 20 year mark. But, now, I find that I’m always learning something new and the longer I live the more there is to celebrate - diabetes related or not! I say celebrate! Happy D-Day.