Happy Anniversary!

Yesterday (February 8) was my 1 year diabetes anniversary!

I didn’t do anything fun to celebrate. I came home from class and took a nap. I went to work, came home early, and was in bed by 10. I’ve had an awful cold!

It’s been a good year, I think. My blood sugars have been good. I’ve been feeling good. It’s kind of scary to think that only one year has passed and that I am going to have this every year for the rest of my life, but I’m not sad about it. All around, everything is going lovely. I’m holding it together quite well! :slight_smile:

When is your diabetes anniversary? Have you ever done anything fun to celebrate it?

Happy Anniversary!

My anniversary is on January 27 and I’ve been celebrating it every year since I was diagnosed. You can see what I did for my anniversary by going to my blog www.lemonade-life. Just hop down to the January 27th entry to read about it.


Riely,You have a good attitude.I think the same way.When it’s a condition like diabetes you make the best of it and make it work.I don’t really think about it as an anniversary.It will be 23 years this June for me.I will never forget the date.

I have also celbrated mine since I was diagnosed 21 years ago. My mum still bakes me a cake. I think its a grest idea to celebrate it. Its not the easiest thing to live with and its nice to acknowledge another year of managing it.

“When is your diabetes anniversary?” Feb. 29, 1972. Hmmmm… does that mean I’ve had diabetes for 36 years, or 9 years?

“Have you ever done anything fun to celebrate it?” Nope. I’ve never celebrated it. Maybe it’s a guy thing, maybe I’m not the most positive person, or maybe I just try and forget the day.

Super props to you Riely for getting such control after just a year. Happy 1 year anniversary and many, many, many more.


My 34th will be coming up on March 1st. I don’t necessarily “celebrate” having diabetes, but I honor the fact that I am still alive and in reasonable health after 34 years. For the last ten years I have chosen a blank card, with a nice picture on it and written myself a note of congratulations, highlighting the victories and the obstacles of the year. I also make sure to list the medical professionals who have walked beside me and offer them a silent “thank you”…The card is then put in a big brown envelope in my bottom desk drawer, along with the previous ones. Sometimes I take them all out and look at them.

(I used to also go out ad have a very expensive treat - abalone steak with black mushrooms at this tiny little Vietnamese restaurant. But, alas, their abaone supplier ran out a few years ago, and then a couple years later the restaurant itself closed. Boy, was it good!