Diabetes Dads

Happy Father's Day to all the "diabetes dads": dads with diabetes, dads who have kids with diabetes, and those who take care of their dad with diabetes.

My dad and I had a special diabetes relationship. Every three months Dad took me to the hospital for my "fasting" blood draw. Then we went out for breakfast and he took me to school (late). He would pick me up again a few hours later and take me back to the hospital for my "non-fasting" blood draw and appointment with my endocrinologist.

My dad was also the one who made sure I got my "A" and "B" vegetables - he created a "diet card" that hung inside the kitchen cabinet for many, many years. And he gave me my shot every morning for the first year of my diabetes life (and then I went to camp and learned how to give it myself).

When I think of growing up with diabetes, I think of my dad. He still supports me by never questioning what I do and trusting me. Thanks, Dad.