My dad x

Sometimes diabetes can be a good thing my dad has been type 1 diabetic ever since my mum was pregnant with me 17 years ago. He has had poor control all his life, ever since he was diagnosed for a whole sixteen years and has been a massive tackle for him I can imagine and nobody understand, he suffered from depression/mood swings/anger problems, went anorexic and also got the point where his diabetes got so bad and took over he got told he would die from organ failure. Me and my dad have never seen eye to eye due to family issues due to my parents and I took my mums side and have never been able to forgive him. In 2010 of October 2 days before my 16th birthday I got diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, my dad was absolutely distraught and felt it was his fault. Since that diabetes has brought me and my dad closer, I’m his rock and he is mine and I don’t know where I’d be if my dad wasn’t there to talk to about my troubles with diabetes. I love you Dad xx